Education Online Teacher
Part 7

Welcome back to your Education Online Teacher seminar.

This is Part 7 of the secrets to your success from a faculty member who has been there and done it all.

Yes, you can get what you want out of life using free or low cost online education.

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 6, Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, or Part 1, please visit and read from the educational sections you may have missed.

  • If you are up-to-date with learning more about my background, please continue with Part 7 below...

Your educational journey is continued from Part 6...

As your education online teacher, I can give you a real insider's view of exactly what works and what does not work. I learned the casino business from a company that has now been in business for over 35 years.

At some point in your life, you will visit a casino. You should really know exactly what to do and exactly what you should not do.

Please keep in touch and always visit my school. You do not want to miss my online part-time courses in slot machines and blackjack. There are winners and losers at every casino. You want to be a winner!

About Me Summary

For over 25 years, I have learned so much in the areas of motion pictures, film making, real estate, management, training, customer service, and basketball for health.

Hey! Do You Have A Real Life Story?

What is your story? Click here to add stories from your life to some interesting online classrooms.

As your internet guide, I have truly "been there and done that" ! With my online part-time courses, I will show you how to succeed in life. This is your chance at success by using free or low cost online education.

ZAP! You have just received a ZAP! from™

  • What is my ZAP! from™ ? In other words, what do you walk away with...what are the lessons we should learn?
  • You walk away from this web page knowing that an education online teacher should have a large amount of personal experience to draw from when teaching you.
  • Your teacher's experience should come from working in successful businesses that have been leaders in their industries for 25, 30, 50, or 100+ years.
  • So, here is the list...Prudential, WCI Communities, Penn State University, Keiser University, Hallmark, Merrill Lynch, AMC Theatres, AVIS, Bank of America, Kelly Services, and American Express.
  • All of these are great places to find employment opportunities. Each offers all types of entry-level positions...some require a college degree and some positions do not require a college degree. Click on the links and learn more about will not be disappointed!


Thank you very much for visiting and reading Education Online Teacher 7 - Part 7 training.

I am truly looking forward to helping you learn as much as possible from my online classes free.

See you soon in my many online classrooms!

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