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by Brittany C.
(Northampton, MA)

Hi Kevin,

I was really interested to read through your site and learn more about your passion for free and low cost online education.

As someone who works in higher education as my day job, I know that many people are turning to online education instead of a traditional college/university due to the prohibitive costs.

I've seen the websites for the big free online courses such as through Coursera, but that seems to be quite a different service from what you are offering.

I can see that you really are passionate and experienced in so many different areas from film to business to Real Estate.

If I was a student looking for online learning, I think I would have a lot of trust in you.

There is some constructive feedback that I want to provide. It took me quite a long time to read through your site and the various stories that you've constructed with the different characters.

Even after reading all the stories, I was still a little confused about where to actually get the free online classes and it took me a while to find where you explain about your Youtube channel and Facebook page.

I'm worried that you may lose potential students who would otherwise be interested, but who may not have the time or patience to search your site.

I'd suggest being a little more direct about your service/classes and how to access them.

The stories about the different people who found and improved their lives are cute, but too much to read through when you are trying to get potential new users hooked.

They may alienate potential new users who are far more media savvy than they used to be and often make decisions about whether a service will be useful to them in split seconds.

I think you have awesome ideas and expertise and with a little bit more of a direct, succinct approach, you'll have a very successful service. Cheers!

Kevin’s Response: Thank you very much Brittany. Your time and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Yes, you were 100% correct as you explained the challenge of actually finding my free online classes. At that time, none of the part-time courses were posted.

The educational stories were ready to go online before my free courses were ready to go online. I am not sure if you noticed, but there have been some additions to the site since your first review.

In the navigation menu on the left on all pages, you will now see an outline for my free film making classes. Here is a short version of the list…

I agree with you. I most likely lost some early visitors as they looked around and could not find any free classes. I am hopeful that they will return soon and find a more helpful educational resource.

The outline is available to see now and the actual links to my movie making courses will be turned-on and active shortly. As my courses become active and you get deeper into each class, you will see how Youtube and Facebook are used with my classes.

I have also added a few things that help to make things easier…
Britanny, thanks for everything! You are the best!!! If you have time, I am looking forward to your future reviews of my site :)

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