I finished my first draft of my film script

by Allen

Hello Mr. Wright, good day to you.

I finished writing my film script and I'm ready to do changes and wrong things correct. It took alot time for me to finish it, well if I wasn't much busy working I could have finish it earlier... Whatever.

I wanna thank you so much because your free classes are really helpful. I really enjoy reviewing them.

Now that I'm about to turn my story into a good Hollywood film script style I need to ask some questions. I hope it won't bother you because I like asking and add to my knowledge more and more.:).

First I need to know if it's necessary to add intros about my characters. How they look like, act like, talk like and something about their past for those who make them real by cameras to choose the right person or those who will play their role to create a good character and understand their role more.

Do I have to cut every scene when camera's sight must change to show the other side or it's something that director should do whenever he/she thinks it is necessary to do?

Can I mention somethings in my film script by names, scenes or anything, like Easter eggs, for example the name of my next story? You know I really enjoy finding Easter eggs so I really like to add some to my film script.

That's all for now, thank you so much.

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I forgot something
by: Allen

Thank you for all your congratulations, I'll keep working

That's very good
by: Allen

Thank you for your answers, that's all for now

Questions about Your Hollywood-style Film Script
by: Mr. Wright

Hi Allen...congratulations on writing the first draft of your film script.

Here are the answers to your screenplay writing questions:

You do not have to add intros about your characters.

However, if there is something very, very, very specific about your characters that the audience/reader must know, you can add a few words that describe something specific about your characters.

The film director and all of the professional actors and actresses involved with your film script will add life and reality to the characters and story you created. Don't worry :)

It is not necessary to add camera angles in your film script. The film director will make these choices.

It is ok to mention things by name in your film script, but to stay on the safe side you should change the spelling of each name a little bit.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

With regards,
Mr. Wright

P.S. Once again, congratulations on reaching your first goal: Finishing the First Draft of Your Film Script!

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