Online Education
and Creative Writing
Part 3

Welcome back to your Online Education and Creative Writing web class!

This is Part 3.

If you have not read Part 2 or Part 1, please click and start from the beginning of these free classes online.

This page is part three of my response to Mr. Sunder Venkataram's review of the educational information available at my free or low cost distance education academy: "I want to learn how to write creatively through your education web site. Hi Kevin! I was so pleased to go through your online school..."

Keep learning and improving...
( continued from Part 2 )

Kevin's Answer (continued): What makes my school even more powerful? You can go beyond the creative writing part of making a movie.

My other courses will teach you how to do all of the steps from the beginning until the end of the whole process of film making.

  • If you decide you only want to learn screenwriting, you can skip all of the other part-time classes related to the whole process of making and distributing a film.

You can work through the creative writing courses (screenwriting) as many times as you wish. Here is another benefit of online learning at my school…

  • Your classroom is online and there will be other students.
  • You will have questions. The other students will have questions.
  • Everyone will ask their questions inside the online classroom.
  • Everyone’s questions and my detailed answers will always be posted online…on the web site.

You will always have access to classroom discussions anytime you wish. If you forget something or you want to review something 100 times, you can do it fast and easy whenever (wherever) you wish.

Sunder, if you would like to continue your studies in creative writing, my online education web site and online film school is a great place to get started. Screenwriting is an excellent skill to learn.

There are so many examples of other forms of creative writing that have been turned-into movies and TV shows.

  • Novels, biographies, articles, memoirs, and short stories have all been converted into screenplays and made-into films and movies.

Learning is a ongoing process...

You have reached the end of my response to your Online Education and Creative Writing 3 - Part 3.

I hope my response has answered all of your questions about my online school and creative writing courses.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Thanks Sunder! Have a great week! See you inside the online campus (smile).

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