Online Education in India, United States, and the World

by Prabha

Question: How does your online education work for me in India?

I like all of the detail and stories you have mentioned.

Everything is very interesting and informative. I am very much impressed with your ideas. It is wonderful and you are very helpful.

I like to know how it is possible and how it will work to learn online from India. I like to learn more, but I don't have enough money and time as well. So I am not able to continue with my studies.

How can we join in your courses and what kind of detail you will provide to us? Is everything we need online? How can we learn online?

Can we get any type of certificate?

In which topic we can learn? I am interested in clothing design. I need to learn about that. I know some detail about clothing, but I like to know how to proceed further.

I want to learn how to improve my knowledge and how to get work in clothing design (fashion).

I need your suggestions and help to improve myself and learn how to shine in this field. If we can join any other course, please tell me which classes and how can we learn about that. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanks.

Kevin’s Answer:

Thank you for taking the time to visit my free online school.

Yes, it is possible to attend my school from India and almost any place in the world. You only need an internet connection.

My school is free. You do not need any money to take free classes online at my academy. Everything you need is online.

Yes, you can attend my school part-time. All of my courses are part-time courses.

Click here to register and enroll. After you register and enroll, you should start with my online film school.

I do not offer any type of certificate. When you take classes at my online school, you will gain some experience and a better understanding of different jobs in film making, art, and real estate.

After taking my free courses online, you will be more prepared to find entry-level positions because you have some experience.

If you do not live in the United States of America, you should only take my free classes online in film making and art. My part-time courses in real estate may only help students in the United States.

My film making classes should help you in clothing design. I do not offer any classes in clothing design, but you can learn how to SHOW your clothing designs better using my film making courses.

After you have designed some clothes, you can use my online classes to help you create your own videos and commercials. The videos and commercials you create will help you show your clothing designs in better detail. Your videos and commercials can be put on DVD.

You can give your DVDs to people in the clothing design industry and everyone can see you have great design skills. This will lead you to more job opportunities.

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