Silent Movie Ideas
Part 3
Online Film School

Welcome back to your Silent Movie Ideas distance class.

This is Part 3 of how to transform your motion picture story into an amazing cinema show.

Yes, you can use my low cost or free film school program to reach for the stars.

Your Review?

If you have not covered your entry-level film writing classes in Part 2 or Part 1, please click and get your digital introduction to the basics of creating silent films from your picture show ideas.

  • If you are already up-to-date with your silent film idea basics discussed in parts one and two, please continue with Part 3 below...

Part 3
Never, ever give up...continue with your education...

As you turn your silent film ideas into a real screenplay (film script), you will have the power to make your own decisions about using sound or not using sound.

One of the disadvantages of a silent film is that silent movies are not easy to write. In addition, you need very talented actors/actresses that have advanced skills in communicating without words.

  • My online education school is the perfect place to practice writing and filming silent movies.
  • The following "film school film" example will help you gain a better understanding.

A Deeper Look Inside My Silent Film

When you have a few moments, please watch the following short scene in your film school film, Royal Love Story From The Grave (

For this part of your film training, you should only focus on a very, very small clip. Simply look at the time code at the bottom of the video. Watch from Start 0:02 until End 0:03 – This one second scene gives you so much information without using any words.

What do you see when you watch this one second part of my film? Do you see the female character’s face? Yes. Does her face tell you anything?

The look on the character’s face (Valentina) tells you more than hundreds of words could ever say.

  • That is the power of silent film making.
  • Let me go into this in a little bit more detail.

When you look at this one second clip (Start 0:02 - End 0:03), is Valentina smiling? No. A little bit? Maybe. Is she laughing? No. Is she angry? No. Where is she looking? Down? No. Up? No. Far away? Yes? Maybe.

As you look more deeply into this one second clip, you begin to get a feeling about what Valentina is feeling. However, what you feel can be very hard to explain with words.

You know it, but words cannot always describe your feelings. Valentina’s actions and facial expressions cannot be easily explained with words, but you understand her. Yes? No? Maybe? (this section continues on the next page)

Continue with your film writing journey...

You have reached the end of your Silent Movie Ideas 3 - Part 3 course.

Thanks for moving forward with your film training at my free, motion picture academy.

To continue the educational discussion and discover more, please advance to Part 4 by clicking here...

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