Online Education
Free or Low Cost

Yes, you can win in life by using online education.

Yes, there are no-charge and low-priced options to gain advanced skills.

Yes, you can get what you want in your world with online distance education courses.

You have been searching for a school, college, or university, but all of them are too expensive or too far away.

"You do not have the time or money to attend a regular, traditional school, college, or university."

You have been searching for great free classes online, but you have found that...

  • most online schools are high-priced
  • most do not have any interesting online free learning classes or part-time courses

You wish for something better...another option? Some how...some way...your wish has come true. Yes, you can learn for free.

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Online Education

Online Education - Free or Low Cost- Use your laptop!

"using laptop at dining room table and taking online classes free"

Welcome to - Low cost or free online education delivered to you with lots of passion, high speed, and high energy!

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin. It's great to meet you! I am the founder and creator of - One of the best and most exciting places for e-learning, independent study, and teaching in the world.

Online Learning by the Ocean
Fort Lauderdale Beach

E-learning at the beach makes education fun and easy.

"using laptop to search this free, low cost higher education network"

What Should EducateZap Mean To You?

The name of my online academy is When you think of the word "educate", what comes into your mind? You should think of a person or place that provides schooling, instruction, or training in an effort to develop your mental powers.

  • Yes, educates.

When you think of the word "zap", what comes into your mind? You should think of someone or something that moves quickly. You should think of lightning and energy. You should think of something or someone that jolts or strikes with force and speed.

  • Yes, zaps.

When you think of the word "EducateZap", what comes to your mind? You should think of an online school that educates with speed. You should think of getting increased mental powers through high energy schooling, instruction, and training.


You have reached the end of Part 1 of this online school description.

You can learn more about my style of free classes online created for you by clicking and visiting Part 2 and Part 3...

"Keep going and going...continue with your education and learning..."

Oh, by the way... don't forget to click here to discover the best thriller authors and get your exciting free gift now.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

What Is The Best Thing You Have Learned?

What is that one, best thing in your life that you have learned that helped make your life better in a big way? Students and visitors want to hear your story! I want to hear your story! This is your chance to be heard. Tell the world today…right now…

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The first time I started to write stories and draw my mind! 
When I was a kid, I had a crazy love for filmmaking. I used to watch thousands of movies and series in my childhood. I hadn't a lot of friends so I spent …

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Black Lives Matter Book

Books About Racism

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