2 Day Film School
Film Development 101-D
Day 2

Welcome to your 2 Day Film School at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

This is Day 2 of the fast and easy way to write your first film at my free online institute.

Yes, you can use two days of motion picture education and succeed.

This part of my movie-making academy online teaches you Day 2 of my part-time course Film Development 101-D.

  • If you have not taken and completed Day 1 of Film Development 101-D, please click here to review and complete the first part of one of the best online classes on the 'Net.

In Day 1 of Film Development 101-D, I covered how to write your movie script. As examples, I used Scene 22 through Scene 29 of my film, Royal Love Story From The Grave.

Day 2

In Day 2 of Film Development 101-D, you will continue to write your film script while using Scene 30 through Scene 33 as your examples for more advanced film development skills.

  • You should spend at least two days total studying both Page 4 and Page 5 in the sample screenplays in this free online class at my 2 Day Film School (Day 1 and Day 2).

Replay and Review Scenes 30 - 33 (Day 2)

  • Click the images. Take a full day to study how character actions and speech are written. Speech is dialogue.
  • This is how you write the actions of “exactly what you wish to see on-screen.”

Sample Shooting Script
( Page 5 )

Sample Shooting Script Page 5

( click image to make big )

2 Day Film School

  • In Scene 30, the character VALENTINA has a speaking part. This is the character’s dialogue.
  • Scene 30 has character dialogue and important scene actions without words.

Movie Clip
Start watching at 0:36 seconds and
Stop at 0:49 seconds

"Got HDTV? Experience this clip
and other YouTube videos
with Chromecast."

  • Watch the clip while reading the words of Page 5.
  • The dialogue and actions must be written inside your screenplay.
  • If you leave out dialogue or actions, your final movie will not make any sense.

Sample Screenplay Page 5

Sample Screenplay Page 5

( click image to make big )

  • The scene actions inside the screenplay help the actors and actresses know what to do, what to say, and when to do both.

Sample Screenplay Page 5
( Hand-Written )

Sample Screenplay Page 5 Hand-Written

( click image to make big )

  • In the sample screenplay, take note of the words (CONT’D).
  • This reminds everyone that scene actions happen in-between character dialogue.
  • The TITLE CARD in Scenes 31 – 33 could have been combined and written together as one scene.
  • The choice is yours to make. Film is art and you are the film artist.

Continue writing your movie script...

Your Homework: Write Your Page 5

You have reached the end of your 2 Day Film School 2 – Day 2 at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

  • If you have a question about this free part-time course, please ask in the Day 2 online classroom near the bottom of this page.
  • If you have completed this course, please move along to your next distance course Film Development 101-E located inside Online Film School I: Part 1-B.
  • Always remember: If you have some money saved up, you could enroll in an expensive and well-respected 48 hour film school. Check out Mr. Dov S-S Simens over at the Hollywood Film Institute.

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Film Development 101-D
(Day 2)

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