Support the Arts in 2018

Should you Support the Arts in 2018? The arts are essential to humanity, they inspire and make us feel great - fostering beauty, goodness, and creativity. 

The arts carry joy, aid us to express the values we cherish, as well as build bridges in diversity. Yes or no?

The arts have definitely become an essential part associated with a great community - building the society educationally, socially, and economically - creating advantages that remain even in tough financial and economic times.

Benefits of the Arts to Society

The Arts Enhance the Unification of Communities

A perspective found across almost all economic and demographic groups is that the arts enhance the unification of culturally diverse communities, independent of race, age, and ethnicity and helps a diversity of cultures to be understood, hence, fostering unity.

The Arts Energize Innovation and Creativity

Creativity is one of the leading applied skills wanted by business executives, stating that "...imagination and innovation is of great value during a hiring process". In fact, research has shown that scientists who are Nobel Laureates are a lot more active towards the arts than their colleagues.

The Arts Have Great Social Influence

It has been seen in studies that a high awareness of the arts in a community result in increased civic engagement, greater social cohesion, diminished poverty percentages, and increased welfare for children.

The Arts Enhance the Economy

The arts hold a great share of the nation's economical value, holding in the GDP a value of approximately 4.2%, even greater than tourism, transportation, and farming according to the Economic Analysis Bureau in the United States.

Generating billions to the economy yearly. Yes, there are ways you can Support the Arts in 2018.

Supporting Independent Filmmakers

  • A major aspect of the arts that currently needs massive support is independent filmmakers. The Independent movie industry is facing unprecedented and unforeseen circumstances, particularly when the filmmakers are fresh on the scene and have not been proven.
  • Creative solutions are present, and if chased after, a renaissance is on the horizon. Nevertheless, as the financial value of independent films drop, something should be done to ensure that fresh voices are heard.
  • Viewers, creatives, and fans - could support indie distributors and filmmakers by watching the films made by them and also publishing reviews online whenever films liked are discovered. 
  • These great independent films can be found within film festival submissions that have gotten to the highest point - and we are able to help audiences, swooned in love with the independent film industry, discover great new films...simply Support the Arts in 2018.

How Can You Support the Arts in 2018?

Movie fans should demand that indie movies get adequate distribution through the traditional internet or channels platforms.

Hence, it is very important that the future generation receives the assistance of all communities and veteran filmmakers themselves, whom in some stage of their lives, were additionally submitting their films at film festivals to kickstart their film career journey. We have all had stars in our eyes at one time or another.

It is now time to pave the way for the next generation to be allowed to display the creativity of the independent filmmaking to the world.


The independent film industry and arts at large are indispensable assets to the well-being of a nation and individuals, hence, it is vital to ensure that no component of the arts be left to die off, as each part brings the world one step closer to perfect unification.

Help creative, independent filmmakers display their creativity to the world and help fans to discover new imaginations brought to life in movie theaters everywhere.

For additional information, here are the top 10 reasons to support the arts in 2018.

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