An Idea For A Movie

Welcome to your free online class, An Idea For A Movie.

In this part-time course, you learn how the number of people in your cast and crew play an important role in the success or failure of your first film idea?

As you begin to transform your movie ideas into a screenplay (film script) with help from my film education courses online, please keep in mind the following question…

  • How many cast members and crew members should you have for your film production?

At my film school online, you are the film producer. You are the one in-charge and the one starting and organizing the whole process.

As the film producer, you are responsible for finding all of the people to do the jobs described in the following job descriptions.

Film Cast Members

What are Cast Members? Cast Members are all of the actors (male talent) and actresses (female talent) that the audience will see or hear in your movie.

Film Crew Members

What are Crew Members? Crew Members are the people who perform the following job functions…

  • Producer – you, the one who is the inspiration behind the film project
  • Script Writer – writes the film script (screenplay)
  • Casting Director – finds and holds auditions for acting talent
  • Film Director – directs acting talent, creates shot composition, and makes shot selections
  • Assistant Director – helps director
  • Production Assistant – helps anyone and everyone during film production
  • Director of Photography – uses digital camera to capture performances
  • Gaffer – lights the scenes
  • Boom Operator –captures sound, holds microphone
  • Craft Service – sets up and maintains food & beverage table
  • Location Manager – selects and gets access to filming locations
  • Hair and Make-Up – makes acting talent look great
  • Set Decorator – sets up furniture and decorations for scenes

Depending upon the size of your film production, there are many more job functions than my short list suggests.

Your Successful First Film Production

If you want to be successful with an idea for a movie, you should not have a separate person for each of the crew positions described here.

It is best to do each of the job functions yourself and on your own. At my film school online, you will learn exactly how to do each of the film crew positions.

  • Do not worry…you are in great hands and I will make sure you succeed!
  • If you have any questions, simply ask for more details and information at the end of this page.
  • What is a film script?

What about your film cast members?

  • How many actors and actresses should you have?

If at all possible, you should have one or two characters and no extra characters in the background. The more people you have on your film set the harder it will be to keep track of everything and everyone.

At this point, your first movie script should not be lots of pages. This is your chance to make it easy for yourself on your first film production.

  • Make your movie idea smaller by using only one actor or one actress.

An Idea for a Movie Summary

You have reached the end of your free film education class, An Idea For A Movie.

How do you give yourself the best chance for success?

You should make sure you are the only crew member and that you handle the entire job functions of every crew member.

  • Continue film school education and more about transforming your movie ideas...
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An Idea For A Film

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