An Online Education Advantage and Why
Part 2

Welcome back to your Advantage of Online Education part-time course!

This is Part 2.

If you have not read Part 1, please click and start from the beginning of your online classes free.

This page is part two of my response to a visitor's questions about education at my free or low cost online school:

"What is the advantage of free classes online? Why should I select"

Stay focused on your goal...learn more below...
( continued from Part 1 )

Kevin's Answer (continued): How will you use social media? When you attend my online film school, you will use Facebook and Twitter to ask questions.

When you have a few minutes, please take a look’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Click here to visit EducateZap on Facebook (
  • Click here to visit EducateZap on Twitter (

In addition, you will post parts of your film school online project on’s official Pinterest page.

  • Click here to visit EducateZap on Pinterest (

You will post your final online film project on’s official YouTube page.

  • Click here to visit EducateZap on Youtube (

In summary, one advantage of online education is its requirement to use new technologies. At my online academy, you have many opportunities to learn popular and current technologies. This is your chance to upgrade or get experience with new, social media.

Why You Should Choose

Why should you choose my online academy It really depends on your current financial situation. Can you afford to go to college?

To make it a little bit easier, there are basically two different financial situations.

  • You most likely fit into one of financial situations detailed here.

If you do not fit one of the following educational financing situations below, please contact me, describe your individual financial situation, and I will explain why you should choose EducateZap based on your individual financial situation.

Your Financial Situation #1

If you can afford to attend a school, college, or university but you are not sure what field of study you wish to learn, you should choose Why?

EducateZap allows you to explore, discover, and learn new skills in fields of study you may have not considered.

  • You can do this at EducateZap for free or at a very, very low cost.
  • Discover your passion!

Why should you spend $20,000 or $30,000 or $50,000 or more per year when you are not 100% sure of your career path? (this section continues on the next page)

Improve your life by continuing to studying...

You have reached the end of An Online Education Advantage and Why EducateZapCom 2 - Part 2 training seminar.

This low cost or free web academy is your key to the best online education news.

  • Thanks for your time and effort. Both are greatly appreciated!
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Please continue your journey towards learning more about "Why EducateZap?" by clicking Part 3...

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