Chromecast Review
Part 2

Welcome back to your Chromecast Review course.

This is Part 2 of your online education class.

You learn a bit more about a low cost product that makes your HD TV display stuff from the screen of your computer, cell phone, or tablet.

Your Review?

If you have not started at the beginning of my educational discussion about Chromecast, please visit and read Part 1 first. Here is Part 2...

Part 2
( continued from Part 1 )

I arrived home with my new purchase and I opened the box not knowing what to expect. Honestly, I expected to see lots and lots of hard to understand setup instructions.

However, I was surprised with the easy setup instructions I have ever seen in my life! Here are the 3 simple setup instructions inside the box…

  • 1. Plug it in
  • 2. Switch input
  • 3. Set it up

That was it. Nothing else…no other instructions?! Unbelievable! I was so excited. I got started quick, fast, and in a hurry.

So, I plugged in the adapter into the HDMI port on the back of my TV and plugged the power supply into my electrical outlet on my wall. I switched my TV to HDMI input.

Chromecast Plugged into HDMI-port of My HDTV

Photo of Chromecast plugged into HDMI-port of HDTV.

"here is an example of Chromecast plugged-in"

What Happened after Plugging-In and Powering-Up?

My TV displayed the Chromecast setup screen without any problems. The next step was to use my cell phone’s internet connection and web browser to visit the following setup screen

Chromecast Review: Setup Problems and Issues

Here is where my small problems started.

  • My cell phone was a little bit too old.
  • In order to use this streaming adapter, you must use a Chrome web browser.
  • Not a big problem, because it is free.

However, my old cell phone cannot use a Chrome web browser. I was a little bit upset, but the setup screen on my TV suggested I try using my computer to continue with the setup if my cell phone did not work properly.

I thought to myself, “This should work with my laptop, because I already have a Chrome web browser installed.” So, I opened my Chrome browser and visited the setup link once again.

After following several screens of clicking only OK or CONTINUE, everything was setup and working 100% without any issues or problems. That was amazing to me! Think about it…old cell phone, old HD TV, and old laptop. Wow!

  • I was expecting a problem with my laptop using my cell phone’s unlimited internet access, but somehow and some way it all worked behind the scenes perfectly.

How Does This Streaming Media Adapter Relate to EducateZap?

Let me review exactly what is working and my current setup.

I am using my old laptop. It is wirelessly connected to my old cell phone and it is using my cell phone’s unlimited Internet connectivity. (this part-time Chromecast course and review continues on the next page)

My Review of This Online Video Streaming Adapter continues…

You have reached the end of your online education for Chromecast Review 2 – Part 2.

Please continue your educational journey to Part 3 and learn more from my personal experience using Chromecast.

By the way, you can always click here for official Google Chromecast Review information.

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