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Welcome to your Cyber Film School at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

Learn new ways to write your first Hollywood-style cinema script at the coolest, virtual movie-makers academy.

Yes, you can do it with online classes free.

This part of my high-tech institute for movie-making teaches you my part-time course Film Development 101-G.

  • If you have not reviewed and completed my distance class Film Development 101-F, please click here to go back and finish Film Development 101-F at my Free Online Film School.

In Film Development 101-F, I covered how to write your movie script with scene locations, title cards, and scene props.

  • As examples, I used Scene 42 through Scene 49 of my film, Royal Love Story From The Grave.

In this free online course Film Development 101-G, you will continue to write your Hollywood-style screenplay while using Scene 50 through Scene 56 as your examples.

  • Here you discover additional ways to write CONTINUOUS scene actions and how to write the timing of a character’s speaking part.

Replay and Review Scenes 50 - 56

  • Click the film script examples (pics) below, watch my movie clip, and look at how a fight scene between two characters can be written (and then shown on-screen).

Sample Shooting Script
( Page 8 )

Sample Shooting Script Page 8

( click image to make big )

Your Cyber Film School...

  • In Scene 50, the scene action reads “Dr. Ali Venge looks at Steffi.”
  • My character ALI says, “Disturbs the living…”
  • The order and timing of scene actions and dialogue is important.
  • Scene 50 would be a different scene if ALI’s words were first and the scene actions were second.

Movie Clip
Start watching at 1:09 and
Stop watching at 1:15

"Try Chromecast! Use it to watch this clip and other YouTube videos
on your HDTV."

  • When you transform your film script into real, live-action with actors and actresses, decide now if you will allow script changes during the film production process.

Sample Screenplay Page 8

Sample Screenplay Page 8

( click image to make big )

  • In Scene 51, the scene action reads “Steffi tries to breathe.”
  • During my film production of Scene 51, I filmed Steffi a few different ways.
  • I filmed wild and crazy breathing and out-of-breath breathing.
  • During your film production, you should follow your shooting script and film a little bit extra so that you have choices in editing.

Sample Screenplay Page 8
( Hand-Written )

Sample Screenplay Page 8 Hand-Written

( click image to make big )

  • In Scenes 53 – 56, you can see the word CONTINUOUS in the scene headings.
  • This reminds us that the scene actions are happening one-after-another.
  • This is one way you can film fight scenes or fast-paced action.

Continue writing your Hollywood-style film script...

Your Homework: Write Your Page 8

You have reached the end of your Cyber Film School at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

  • If you have a question about this networked class, please add it to the online classroom at the bottom of this digital course.

If you have completed this distance education course, please go forward to your next computerized class called Film Development 101-H. It is located inside my Online Film School I: Part 1-B.

  • If you have not taken and completed Film Development 101-F, please take this cinema training here at my Free Online Film School.
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