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Welcome to your Digital Film Making School at EducateZap's Online Film School.

You can learn how to have the most fun transforming your movie ideas into the coolest Hollywood-style motion picture for free.

This part of my cyber institute for film-making teaches you my free, distance education course Film Development 101-H.

Your Review?

  • If you have not reviewed and completed my part-time course Film Development 101-G, please click here to go back and finish Film Development 101-G at my Cyber Film School.

In Film Development 101-G, I covered how to craft the timing and order of scene dialogue and scene actions.

  • As examples, I used Scene 50 through Scene 56 of my film, Royal Love Story From The Grave.

In this free education course Film Development 101-H, you will continue to write your Hollywood-style movie script while using Scene 57 through Scene 62 as your examples.

  • In 101-H, you learn by reading and watching several more scene actions and scene descriptions. All of this will make your screenplay better.

Replay and Review Scenes 57 - 62

  • The best ways to get the most from this Digital Film Making School is to click each image below and read each sample movie script/screenplay.
  • Compare what you read to what you see in the film clip from 1:16 to 1:21.
  • Going back and forth between these two tasks will help you learn so much.

Sample Shooting Script
( Page 9 )

Sample Shooting Script Page 9

( click image to make big )

  • In Scene 57, my points for the scene actions were…
  • 1. making sure the audience sees Steffi looking at the floor
  • 2. making sure Steffi shows the emotions of shock and disbelief
  • As you write, try to find and write the actions that show your character's emotions.

Movie Clip
Start watching at 1:16 and
Stop watching at 1:21

"try watching this clip and other YouTube videos using Chromecast"

  • In Scene 58, Valentina looks into the dark bedroom.
  • This scene could be filmed in any dark room you have available.
  • As you write your film script, try to imagine your scene actions happening in locations to which you have free access.

Sample Screenplay Page 9

Sample Screenplay Page 9

( click image to make big )

  • The scene actions in Scene 59 continue into Scene 60.
  • When you learn to shoot your movie at my school, sometimes you will capture a combination of many scene actions and they can be used to satisfy the actions needed in other scenes.

Sample Screenplay Page 9
( Hand-Written )

Sample Screenplay Page 9 Hand-Written

( click image to make big )

  • In Scene 60, I wanted to make sure the audience saw Valentina holding a sword high in the air and looking into a dark room.
  • As you write your screenplay, your focus should always be on writing ‘what you want your audience to see on screen’.

Continue writing your motion picture movie script...

Your Homework: Write Your Page 9

You have reached the end of your Digital Film Making School at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

  • If you have a question about this digital education class, please add it to the online classroom at the end of this page.

If you have completed this educational course, please continue your learning in the next free, high-tech filmmaking class called Film Pre-Production 101-A.

It is located inside my Film School Online II (Part 2-A).

  • If you have not reviewed and finished Film Development 101-G, please take my other digital course here at my Cyber Film School.
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