Discussion about Online Learning

by Alison S
(Cincinnati, OH, US)

Dear Kevin: Are the stories involving John, Nathan and Helen really adding to the discussion about online learning? I feel that they are distracting to the main point. From: Alison S.

Kevin's Answer: Hi Alison! Yes, the stories on my educational web site seem to be distracting to online learning at first, but they actually help some of my visitors and students. Let me explain…

There are 2 main reasons why I decided to include stories about ‘John and Online Education’, ‘Nathan and Free Education Online’, and ‘Helen and Online Education Help(all open in new windows).

  • 1. My Stories Help Students See and Understand Examples of Educational Success
  • 2. My Stories Help Students Take a Break

Help Students See and Understand Examples of Educational Success

One of the biggest things I noticed is, 'the different types of visitors and students that discover my online school'.

With so many different people from all walks of life, the stories on my site can help everyone have a common ground and common understanding of educational success.

In addition, everyone has had different levels of success in elementary school and high school. Some of my visitors have not performed that great in school, but that does not mean they are not smart. It simply means their attention and focus were on something other than a report card.

These same students are highly skilled in using new technologies like the Internet, smart phones, smart televisions, gaming consoles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Chromecast, and many more.

If a student has not done well in school and graduated with low grades, they still need to read about and understand stories of educational success.

No one automatically believes in learning, studying, and the benefits of education. For some new students, it may require some good stories and constant convincing until each new student begins to believe that more and more education leads to success in life.

Help Students Take a Break

Very few of us study and go to school 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We all need to take a break so we can recharge and get some more energy.

There are so many different ways to relax. As students click around and click through my online school, they may spend up to 30 minutes inside one of my part-time courses.

When the time comes to take a break after 30-60 minutes of non-stop studying, the stories scattered throughout my online campus serve as a place for students to find some nearby related distractions.

Yes, students could leave my digital campus and explore thousands of other web sites to find distractions.

However, it is easier to maintain a strong educational focus by taking a break and exploring other areas of the EducateZap site.

I created the educational stories on my site to help students if they get bored too quickly and if they decide to take a break by doing a little web surfing.

Thanks for adding your feedback Alison.

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