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Part 2

Welcome back to your EducateZap Help, Free Classes Online, and College Degree questions classroom!

This is Part 2.

If you have not read Part 1, please click and start from the beginning of these helpful, educational questions and answers.

This page is part two of my response to a visitor's questions about learning at my free or low cost, online school:

"How can your academy really assist me? Is it really no cost or are there any hidden fees involved? Will I get a college degree?"

Keep studying and learning new things...
( continued from Part 1 )

Kevin's Answer (continued): Please be sure to find out if you have unlimited access to the Internet. Know before you go! You do not want to be hit with a super high phone bill or Internet access bill.

  • Stay under your monthly limits or find an unlimited Internet access plan.

You can always check with public libraries, because they usually offer free Internet access or free Wi-Fi. Sometimes airports, bookstores, or fast-food restaurants offer free Wi-Fi.

  • Free Internet access can be found almost anywhere you simply have to look around and ask questions.

If you discover someplace with free Internet or free Wi-Fi, please post it here so that other students can use free resources. At my online institute, we all help each other discover free resources.

  • Please check back here daily or weekly because you never know what new information will be posted that will give you an edge in your city.

Will You Get A College Degree At EducateZap?

As of 2013, you cannot get a college degree at my school. My online academy is different than all degree granting institutions like colleges and universities.

  • If you have a chance to enroll in a college or university, the correct decision is to go for it and enroll at a traditional college or university.
  • You are more valuable in this world if you have a college degree.

If you already know exactly what type of degree you wish to get from a college or university, then your decisions are very easy. In this case, my online institute will not really help you.

  • Please keep in mind, my school can help you in college if you are majoring in Film, Art, or Real Estate.
  • If your goal is a career in Film, TV, Art, or Real Estate, you can get some early practice in my free classes online.

The more experience you have in your area of study the more valuable you are. You can get excellent experience using my distant learning courses. You can get these valuable experiences before, during, and after attending a traditional college or university.

  • In addition, my school is very, very helpful to undecided students.
  • If you are undecided about your future line of work and you are not sure what you want to do with your life, is a great place to practice a career path before making a long-term commitment.

Work towards changing your future with education...

You have reached the end of EducateZap Help, Free, and College Degree 2 - Part 2 questions classroom.

  • Your ultimate goal should be to get a college degree.

If you want a career in Film, TV, Art, or Real Estate, my low cost online education will help make you more prepared and more valuable.

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