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Part 2

Hi, welcome back to your Education Online Teacher web seminar.

This is Part 2 of your insider's guide to advanced schooling from your technology schoolteacher.

Yes, it is possible for you to improve your world with free or low cost distance education online learning.

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 1, please visit and read from the beginning so you start with a strong educational understanding of my online school.

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Continued from Part 1...

My Most Recent Work Experience (continued)

Inspired by all of the questions, I decided to use my skills as an education online teacher. I created an online film school that covered the basics of film making using my online film trailer as a case study.

If you wish to take a quick look at my online trailer, please click here to visit the Royal Love Story from the Grave ( commercial.

Royal Love Story from the Grave

  • My film is a psychological horror film and it tells the story of Princess Valentina who refuses to accept her death and lingers near her lonely husband, Prince Gavino.
  • Valentina finds her husband Gavino and her sister, Steffi, at the beginning of a passionate love affair.
  • Valentina struggles to scare Gavino and Steffi apart, but torments them together. Now Valentina must either let go of the living or be the cause of everyone dying.

As your education online teacher at my online film school, you will learn about the five major areas of motion picture production...

  1. film development
  2. film pre-production
  3. film production
  4. film post-production
  5. film distribution

My Past Work Experience

For over 25 years, I have been fortunate (very lucky) to have worked for some of the best known companies in America. I have been through some of the best training programs in the world of business and education.

Each of the corporations I worked for and academic institutions I attended are at the top of their games. They are all leaders in their industries and I respect them greatly. The advanced skills I have learned from each are priceless.

Hey! Do You Have A Real Life Story?

What is your story? Click here to add stories from your life to some interesting online classrooms.

As your education online teacher, my free or low cost, part-time courses will help you learn the secrets to success that I learned from the giants. I have developed these secrets over the last 25 years while working for all of the following legendary corporations.

Real Estate

I began my real estate career by becoming a licensed mortgage broker. On the state exam, I actually earned a score of 97% correct out of a possible 100%!

I enjoyed the real estate business so much that I decided to get my real estate license in addition to my mortgage broker license.

Sold New Construction to First Time Home Buyer

"my first time home buyer went through my program and bought this new construction home at first visit"

I quickly became a licensed real estate agent and eventually met a legendary real estate broker.


Your online educator worked for Prudential Florida WCI Realty

I learned the real estate business from a real estate broker with over 40 years in the business. (this section continues on the next page)

Your advanced schooling continues...

You have reached the end of your Education Online Teacher 2 - Part 2 class.

Thanks for moving forward with your distance education online learning.

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