Education Online Teacher
Part 3

Hi there again...from inside your Education Online Teacher class.

This is Part 3 of your insider's guide to Easy Learning from your cyber trainer, Kevin.

This is the golden path that leads you to get what you want by using low cost or free course distance education online.

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 2 or Part 1, please visit and read your educational information from your study hall sections you may have missed.

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Educate yourself and you will succeed...
continued from Part 2...

Prudential (continued)

I worked with this broker at Prudential Florida WCI Realty (opens in a new window). I studied hard and proceeded quickly through their excellent training program. I received an unbelievable real estate and customer service education from Prudential (opens in a new window)...a corporation that has been in business for more than 135 years.

Helped First Time Home Buyer Buy New Construction

"sold new construction home using my first time home buyers program"

I have been in the real estate business for over 11 years. I have trained new real estate sales agents and helped hundreds of first time home buyers and sellers understand the basics of real estate.

I am at the early stages of converting my off-line real estate training program into online part-time courses that cover the basics of real estate for beginners.

First Time Home Buyer Uses My Program To Buy New Construction

"my new construction sale almost completed and ready for my first time home buyer"

Please visit my online school at least once a week. You will soon see more and more part-time courses on real estate, mortgages, home loans, first time home buyer, for sale by owner, and home seller.

My Early Years in School

I attended large public schools while in elementary school and middle school. I attended a very small private school while in high school. The private school I attended has been educating students for over 175 years.

I was an above-average student in school. I was an excellent student in subjects I really liked. Sports? Yes, I loved most sports!

Hey! Do You Have A Story?

What is your story? Click here to add stories from your life to some interesting online classrooms.

I played soccer and basketball in school. In 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, I really focused on basketball and performed at a very high-level.

I will be your education online teacher for a few different basketball part-time courses. Physical activity is an important part of health. Basketball is an entertaining way to stay in shape. You can play basketball alone or with others.

I mentioned my early years in high school and middle school because I get quite a few questions about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of schools and activities.

As your education online teacher, I would be happy to answer more specific questions about this subject. Please feel free to visit my contact page and ask your questions.

If there becomes a large amount of student interest, I will create part-time courses that discuss the following subjects: 1. public school vs. private school 2. sports activities vs. academic activities 3. high school graduate vs. GED (general equivalency diploma) 4. college graduate vs. high school graduate.

  • As your education online teacher, I will always respond to your requests for new part-time courses. Please feel free to contact me and submit your course requests!
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Your education continues...

You have reached the end of your Education Online Teacher 3 - Part 3 class.

Thanks for studying course distance education online at no charge.

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