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Part 4

Once again, hi from inside your Education Online Teacher study hall.

This is Part 4 of the secrets to winning.

This is insider's information from your school mentor who has been there and done it all.

It is true! You can transform your life with free or low cost online distance education courses.

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Continued from Part 3...

My College Years

The Pennsylvania State University

All of my college experiences have helped me greatly in the business world. As your education online teacher, I will teach you using proven learning techniques perfected by one of the best universities in the world.

Your online faculty member graduated from Penn State University

I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University ( with a Bachelor of Science in Management. This academic institution has been educating students for over 155 years.

In college, I loved my management and real estate classes. To this day, I still use many of the academic skills I gained many years ago. I use these advanced skills in the real world of work and training today.

While in college, I continued to play basketball and I continued to get better and better. As a challenge to myself, I decided to try out for the Penn State basketball team.

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After beating out some tough competition, I was selected to play on Penn State's basketball team. I enjoyed practicing with the team and playing for the coach, but I decided to focus 100% on my education.

I left the basketball team before the first game of the season and focused on my studies. I continued to play basketball for fun to stay healthy, but my attention was centered on business and education.

While in college, I was selected to work for a real estate management company in their summer program. I learned property management and customer service. The company paid for transportation (to San Diego, California), room and board, rental car, and included a weekly salary.

My First Small Business

After graduating from college, I started my first small business. I opened a small painting company that specialized in interior painting.

I used what I learned in college and my small business was successful. I had two part-time workers and we were busy.

  • I developed my skills in sales, marketing, management, training, and customer service. I soon became skilled at finding customers, keeping customers, and making money.
  • As your education online teacher, I will show you how I operated a successful small business.
  • In the very near future, I will add online part-time courses in small business start-up techniques.

Your advanced training continues...

You have reached the end of your Education Online Teacher 4 - Part 4 review class.

Thanks for attending another one of my complimentary online distance education courses.

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