Part 2

Welcome back to your Film-School course.

This is Part 2.

This is your no charge and affordable way to practice motion picture education classes.

You can practice film industry jobs before you spend your hard-earned money and time away from your family.

Your Review?

If you have not reviewed this section from the start, please visit and read your Part 1 section first.

  • You are doing great...keep studying and stay focused.

Your movie making journey continues with Part 2 below...
( continued from Part 1 )

This is your higher education network and it guides you in making strong and powerful decisions about your future job in the film industry.

Always remember…each film job is very different from all of the other film jobs.

  • How would you know which film job fits your personality, family, and lifestyle the best?
  • Should you just close your eyes and pick one type of job without exploring all of the different types of film industry jobs?

What is the best idea? You should get legit before you commit. In other words, you should try to discover your legitimate passion. I call that getting legit.

  • Once you have gone through my film-school you will quickly find out which parts of the movie making process you like better than the other parts.

Motion Picture School

Thinking about movie-making school?

"researching movie-school by laptop while relaxing in park in North Carolina"

Hey! You Can Add Your Story

Click here to add your voice to some interesting online classrooms.

After you get a better idea of your real, legitimate passion, you will be in a better position to commit yourself. You will soon discover that success will follow you faster when you are 100% committed and 100% passionate about your future film job and career path.

  • You know exactly which film job you do not like and let others handle those less interesting film jobs.

My free movie making institute is designed to help you get legit before you commit. What should you do next?

  • Your next step in the learning process is to visit film school information and begin practicing.
  • Simply follow each free online class and never, ever give up.
  • My part-time courses are all online and they are fast and easy.

What is the best part of all of this? It's all free or low cost!

Your film making quest continues…your dreams can come true…

You have reached the end of your Film-School 2 - Part 2 distance education course. This is your opportunity to attend a motion picture academy.

  • The key to success is to follow your dreams and to surround yourself with others who allow you to dream big.
  • Educatezap is the place for you to make your wild and crazy dreams a reality!
  • This is your major source for online classes free.

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