Film School Information
Part 1

Welcome to the Film School Information section of my Online Film School at EducateZap.

This is your free or low cost chance to start learning how to make your own movie.

It is an interesting opportunity for you and I am excited to be a part of it!

My film school online shows you how to create your own film by using my film as an example.

  • "...just follow along at your pace..."
  • " is fast and easy..."
  • " is step-by-step!.."

Film School Info

Film School Information gets you started fast.

Step 1:  The Film School Film

The first step in your film making education is to learn a little bit about my movie. The name of the motion picture you are going to study is called, Royal Love Story From The Grave. This video is basically your film school film or your case study.

What Is The Film About?

  • Royal Love Story From The Grave - A young princess and her royal family experience a haunting while in the middle of a love triangle.

Why is this an important part of your film school information?

What you have just read was a short description of my film. You might see a description like this on the back of a DVD box or in a newspaper (magazine article). You might see it on an entertainment blog or you might hear  it read on TV or on the radio.

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My sample film description is very important film school info because you will write a short description for the film you will write, direct, edit, and distribute. In the real world, this ability to describe a movie in one sentence, a few sentences, and a few paragraphs is a very important skill that helps determine if movies get made.

At my online film academy, you have a choice. You can write your short description of your film before you start writing your movie or you can write your short description of your film after your movie has been filmed and edited.

  • As you go through this movie making information and the rest of my online film program, you will better understand this part later. Do not worry :)

The choice is yours. It is up to you. I do not want to introduce lots of rules and stomp on your creativity. Always keep in mind that this is an introductory film school. You are learning and there is no such thing as big mistakes at my film institute.

You are quickly learning more and more...keep moving forward...

You have reached the end of Film School Information - Part 1.

Please continue with your film making journey at one of the best places for online classes free.

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Thanks for exploring my institute for movie making!

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