Part 1

Welcome to Film-School at EducateZap's motion picture academy.

This is your free or low cost way to practice cinema education courses before attending a major film program.

This is your chance to practice film industry jobs early in your career path.

Why should this be a very important goal for you? My online film institute is a very, very low risk opportunity. When you attend my academy, you save thousands of dollars and at least a few years of your valuable, working life.

  • You do not want to be stuck in the wrong job for the rest of your life do you?

Are you not sure how my free film institute can help you? At my silver screen school, you will make actually make your own film.

  • I show you step-by-step how to create your first movie by following the five stages of the movie making process.

In the near future, you will soon see each of these five stages in the real world and inside larger, film school programs at major educational institutions.

  • My online school gives you so many opportunities to practice at no charge or at very, very low cost.

Filmmaking School

Trying EducateZap by laptop while taking a break at a North Carolina park.

"trying educatezap by laptop while taking a break at a North Carolina park"

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Guess what? You can try wild and crazy ideas at my film-school.  You can make as many mistakes as you wish. You become part of the ultimate learning environment at Educatezap. Why is this so important?

If you are like most new students, you are most likely not sure if you want to be a film producer, film distributor, or a film director. You are most likely not sure if you want to be an...

  • actor (actress), screenwriter, film editor,
  • director of photography, casting director,
  • talent agent, or crew member.

Before I attended film school way back in the day, I knew very little about the film industry. I read film school articles, but I knew nothing about the many different jobs needed to create feature films.

  • A free school like EducateZap did not exist before I decided to go to film school. I wish a free film academy did exist back then!

It would have been nice to write a few screenplays or film a few movies in a free and educational environment before I went to film school. That is why I created Educatezap’s motion picture academy as an option for you. (this section continues on the next page)

Your learning adventure continues on the next page...

You have reached the end of your Film-School - Part 1 course.

The secret to your educational success is closer than you can imagine and you can find it in online classes free.

Please follow along to Part 2...

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