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Part 2

Hello again and welcome back to your Free Classes Online training session.

This is Part 2 of the best ways for you to access a low cost higher education network that helps increase your chances for part-time course success.

If you have not taken a look at Part 1, please go back and review this schooling seminar from the beginning.

A quick recap from the beginning will start you with a strong educational understanding of my online institute.

  • If you are currently updated with my new style of schooling and learning discussed in Part 1, please continue with Part 2 below...

Continued from Part 1

The next day Henry arrived at work early and convinced himself to ask his co-worker to go on a date. A few minutes later his co-worker arrived and Henry asked for a date. The co-worker said no and rejected Henry.

Henry was devastated and sad. The remainder of his work day was the longest day in his life. He could not wait until his shift ended. Finally the day ended and Henry went home.

The next few weeks of work were terrible. Henry's work relationship with the co-worker he liked was different now. Henry's performance at work took a turn for the worse.

  • Henry was missing motivation and happiness in his life.

When Henry got home that night, he decided it was time for a change. He looked for more and more information about free online education. Henry decided to take a chance and enroll in a few free classes online.

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The next day Henry went back to work. He was a little bit more happy and sort of excited that he was going back to school. Over the next few days, Henry returned to his normal high-level of performance...until everything changed!???

After lunch, Henry's boss called him into the office. The boss explained to Henry that he was doing a great job. The boss explained to Henry that he was giving him a twenty-five cent per hour raise. Henry was so happy!

Henry left the office and returned to work. A few moments later the co-worker he liked asked him for a lunch date. Wow! Henry was shocked and amazed. He could not believe it!

Later that night Henry was back on the computer checking his email.

  • Henry was still happy with excitement from his raise and future lunch date that he did not notice an email about free online distance education.

During the next several days, Henry met his co-worker for lunch and forgot about going back to school and free classes online. Later...Henry tried and tried to get more lunch dates with the co-worker he liked, but it never happened again. (this section continues on the next page)

Educational success is in your hands...continue on...

You have reached the end of Free Classes Online 2 - Part 2.

Thanks for moving forward with your learning at my low cost web academy.

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