Free Classes Online
Part 1

Free Classes Online and new relationships?

In this class, you will learn that this is a great educational combination.

Yes, going back to school is one of the best ways to create new relationships, increase your chances of finding a significant other, and discover a new career path.

This is Part 1 of your low cost, three part, educational training class.

  • Whenever I think of education and new relationships, it reminds me of an online film school student named Henry.

Your Educational Story Begins...

Henry was an artistic, grocery store clerk. He worked at a grocery store during the week and painted portraits during the weekends.

One day, Henry painted an amazing portrait of a co-worker. He brought the painting into work and gave it to his co-worker as a gift on Valentine's Day. The co-worker loved the painting so much and could not stop giving Henry compliments everyday.

Free Courses Online

Taking Free Courses Online by Laptop in Central Park, New York

"Taking Free Courses Online by Laptop in Central Park"
Central Park - Manhattan
New York, N.Y.

Henry was so excited. He not only enjoyed the compliments, but he really wanted to start a relationship with his co-worker. Henry wanted to take a friendly relationship to the next level. Henry wanted his co-worker to become his significant other. He desired to add some excitement in his life, but Henry was afraid to ask his co-worker for a date.

  • Days and days passed and nothing changed.
  • Henry's job was the same.
  • His pay was the same.
  • His position was the same.
  • There was no room to move up in the company, because the store was a very small store.

Henry was comfortable. He made just enough money to pay his bills and basically live paycheck-to-paycheck.

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One day after work, Henry checked his email online and found nothing interesting. After he checked his boring email, Henry thought about that co-worker he wanted to date.

He could not stop thinking about asking for a date. In an effort to clear his mind, Henry decided to read the latest news...

  • He came across an article about a free online academy.
  • It sounded very interesting and Henry looked for more news about free online schools.
  • He thought to himself, "Maybe I should go back to school?" (this section continues on the next page)

Your life can change with free or low cost education...look into this...

You have reached the end of your Free Classes Online - Part 1 web seminar.

Thanks for taking your time to understand the beginning of your distance training course.

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