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Part 2

Welcome back to your Free Education Online course!

This page is Part 2 of my online education discussion about using social media to administrate my online academy.

If you have not started at the beginning of this education course online, please visit and read Part 1.

In Part 1, I ended the discussion in the middle of Nathan's story.

His educational journey continues here...

While Nathan worked almost everyday over the last few years, the normal economy and the normal world of business had changed in very big ways. What was once normal business and regular work had now become the fast and changing New Economy.

  • This new world was now super fast and used lots of new technology.

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Nathan soon discovered he could do nothing about all of these changes in technology and communication. He was left behind in the worst possible way. For the last few years, this New Economy had fallen in love with using all of these new technologies, new forms of communication, and new methods for teaching and learning.

During the next few weeks, Nathan thought of different ways to make some extra money so that he could pay that important bill he had long forgotten. He thought about returning to school.

Nathan went to the library and learned that online education was a new option to consider. Over the next several days, Nathan got back to his normal work routine and slowly forgot about paying that large bill.

  • Nathan also forgot about going back to school.

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Suddenly, things got really bad at his job. A meeting was held on Friday. It was decided that all full-time workers would become part-time workers. Nathan was shocked. He could not believe it!

Nathan had no choice now. He really needed more money. Seriously, this time! Nathan quickly decided to try a free education online school while he continued to look for a second job.

Nathan quickly hit a brick wall. He searched and searched newspaper ads, but could not find any good job opportunities. In addition, Nathan was having a little bit of trouble registering for his first free online distance education course.

He was not that good with emails or online registration. Nathan also noticed something called Facebook, Twitter, and RSS? He did not have any idea what any of those things were.

  • Finally, Nathan registered for a free education online course, but was still lost with emails, Facebook, and Twitter.

Over the next few weeks, Nathan continued to see Facebook and Twitter information while taking his free online courses. Everything was going great, but at this point, Nathan had questions and comments about what he was learning in his online course.

The only way Nathan could join in the online student discussion was by using Facebook and Twitter, but he was lost. Nathan did not know how to use social media.

Nathan decided to take a break and watch some TV.

"That's strange," Nathan thought to himself as he watched TV.

He had never, ever noticed it before while watching TV. Almost every TV commercial mentioned Facebook pages and Twitter pages. (this educational story continues on the next page)


You have reached the end of your Part 2 - Free Education Online 2 free class.

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