Free Education Online
Part 3

Welcome back to your Free Education Online course!

This page is Part 3 and the final section of my e-learning discussion about using social media to administrate my online institute.

If you have not started at the beginning of this online class series, please visit and read Part 1. In Part 2, I was nearing the end of an educational story about a student named Nathan.

His story continues here...

Nathan thought to himself,

  • "Wow! This stuff IS really everywhere!"
  • "When did this happen?!"
  • "Was I in a coma, sleeping, or something?"
  • "I have to learn more about this social media stuff, FAST!"

While studying online the next few days, Nathan's free education online study group mentioned one major benefit of using YouTube. He learned from that he could easily learn the basics of Facebook and Twitter by searching for and using how-to videos on YouTube. Nathan had never used YouTube and decided to try and learn all the social media stuff on his own.

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As the weeks floated by, things looked truly bad for Nathan. His low cost education online community of students all used Facebook and Twitter to communicate. Nathan had to learn social media if he wanted to respond and interact with the online school and the other students.

In that dark moment, Nathan learned that deep down inside his heart and soul, he really needed to understand how to make Facebook/Twitter comments and posts.

Nathan finally visited Facebook and Twitter. He learned from their web sites and he also searched and found "how-to use Facebook" and "how-to use Twitter" videos on YouTube.

Nathan finally visited the school's official social media pages...

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A few weeks later, Nathan and social media became great friends. Facebook and Twitter lead Nathan to job opportunities not listed anywhere else. Nathan had a new hope and more determination to succeed.

Nathan was ready to face the New Economy. Nathan used a combination of free or low cost online training, Facebook skills, and Twitter skills to become a stronger and more up-to-date worker in the new economy.


What is my ZAP! from™ ? It's all over.

Nathan mastered free or low cost schooling online and is fully upgraded. Learn from Nathan.

He used to be out of style when it came to new communication technology. Your next move should be: Get Upgraded!

Since gaining his advanced skills through online distance education courses, Nathan found that it was so easy to get instantly updated with what was going on in the world thanks to Free Education Online 3 learning administered through social media. Your next move should be: Get Updated!

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