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Are free education online and social media a great combination for you for better learning?

As the new economy moves forward at a fast speed, what is one of the best ways for you to learn and not get left behind?

One of the best ways is to combine unlimited education online and social media.

This is how I administer my part-time courses online for you.

"Yes, you can learn something new and have fun while doing it."

  • The secret to the success of my school is administering each of my free online classes using different types of social media.

Free Education by Laptop

Free or Low Cost Education Online with EducateZap wherever you want.

"surfing for online education by laptop"
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Whenever I think of free education by computer and social media, it reminds me of a student named Nathan. Years ago Nathan always told himself he would go back to school, but when? Years and years had passed and now Nathan had become a blind, sleepwalker.

  • No, Nathan was not really blind...nor was he really a sleepwalker. I describe Nathan this way because it describes the way most of us live our lives.
  • It is not meant to be a bad or negative way to describe Nathan. It is simply a more interesting way to remember an unwanted habit.
  • So...what is the unwanted habit?

Nathan's educational journey detailed below will uncover the answer...

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For the last few years, Nathan was living a normal life and working like most regular people. One day, Nathan received a bill in the mail. He completely forgot about this bill and now he needed a large amount of money to pay this important bill. The problem was Nathan did not have enough money to pay this bill.

How had Nathan forgotten? Over the years, Nathan had become hypnotized by the routine of normal work life. Nathan simply had not been paying attention.

  • Nathan simply lost touch with all of the fast changes in technology, communication, and education. (this story continues on the next page)


You have reached the end of Part 1 - Free Education Online.

Find out how Nathan fixes his problem.

Follow Nathan's educational journey as he discovers an online school that administers distance courses using social media.

Click below to continue reading the story in Part 2...

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

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