Ghetto Film School
Film Development 101-B
( Part 3 )

Welcome back to the Ghetto Film School.

This is Part 3 of how to write and create a high-quality motion picture from almost nothing.

Yes, you can follow my easy step-by-step movie production plan.

If you have not completed Part 1 or Part 2 of this screenwriting class, Film Development 101-B, please click here.

Your Film Development 101-B Class Continues…
( continued from Part 2 )

I used my imagination and decided that the antique furniture and interior colors could help me transform my movie ideas into something unexpected. That is how my ghost story became a Royal Love Story From The Grave.

You should have already started writing your screenplay. As you begin to think about the location for your film shoot, do not be afraid to change your film script to fit what you have access to for free.

  • All of this only helps to make your final film project more interesting.

Replay and Review Scenes 7 - 12

  • Click the images below and take a look at how scene actions are written.
  • Take a look at how a character and his words are written.

Sample Shooting Script
( Page 2)

Sample Shooting Script Page 2

( click image to make big )

Your Ghetto Film School

Screenwriting software automatically handles the following...

  • The page number is positioned in the top-right corner of the page.
  • On the shooting script (only), the scene numbers are positioned in the far left side and far right side of the page.

Movie Clip
Start watching at 0:13 seconds and Stop at 0:19 seconds

"Wow...Chromecast + HDTV! Use them with this film clip
and other YouTube videos."

  • After you study the written words, take a few moments to watch my movie clip that shows the reality of the written words.

Sample Screenplay Page 2

Sample Screenplay Page 2

( click image to make big )

The Scene Heading

  • A scene introduction of INT. tells you that the scene takes place inside (interior).
  • After the word INT., you see the words FOYER, WORK SHED, and BEDROOM. This part of the film script should describe your location in as few words as possible.
  • The final part of the scene heading is your description of the time that everything is happening. Here you see CONTINUOUS and NIGHT.

Sample Screenplay Page 2
( Hand-Written )

Sample Screenplay Page 2 Hand-Written

( click image to make big )

This is what your film script should look like if written by hand...

  • After the scene heading, there can be scene actions, character(s) speaking, or both.
  • You should describe scene actions in as few words as possible.
  • "Princess Valentina spins around in a circle and smiles." is a scene action.

Continue writing your screenplay...

Your Homework: Write Your Page 2

You have reached the end of Ghetto Film School 3 - Part 3 at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

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Film Development 101-B (Part 3)

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