Ghetto Film School
Film Development 101-B
(Part 1)

Welcome to the Ghetto Film School at EducateZap’s Online Film School.

Learn how to write and produce a high-quality movie with little or no money.

Yes, you can follow my easy step-by-step movie making plan.

This part of my online film school teaches you my course Film Development 101-B.

  • If you have not taken and completed my course Film Development 101-A, please click here to review and complete Film Development 101-A at my Top Film School.

In Film Development 101-A, I covered how to write your Title Page and Page 1. As examples, I used Scene 1 through Scene 6 from my film Royal Love Story From The Grave.

Part 1

In this course Film Development 101-B, you will continue to write your screenplay while using Scene 7 through Scene 12 as your examples for more ideas and different ways to write your film script.

In this part of my film making academy, you can see that the word “ghetto” is not used in a negative way. At my film school online, it really means low cost and high-quality.

  • The word ghetto should make you think of creative ways to do the impossible with little or no money.

As you write and re-write the first few pages of your screenplay, always look for ways to use what you already have in your world.

  • Remember, this is your first film script and you are going to actually film what you are writing.

In other words, there is no need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. There is no need to have more than one or two people total for your cast AND crew.

If you must buy something for your movie production, try shopping at thrift shops, second-hand stores, discount stores, and dollar stores. (this section continues on the next page)

Your Screenplay Writing Journey Continues…

You have reached the end of your Ghetto Film School - Part 1 course.

The second part of your screenwriting class helps make your screenplay more interesting!

Please discover more in Part 2...

  • If you have a question about this part-time course, please ask in the online classroom near the bottom of this page.
  • If you have not taken and completed Film Development 101-A, please visit my Top Film School.

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Film Development 101-B (Part 1)

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