Horror Movie Ideas

Welcome to Horror Movie Ideas at EducateZap.

This is the best place to transform your scary movie ideas and concepts.

Do your film plans include terror, panic, fright, and evil? Zombies, ghosts, or vampires?

I show you, step-by-step, how to get your ideas out of your head, onto paper, and filmed into your first, live-action motion picture.

My online film school is your free or low cost secret weapon to make sure you succeed at entry-level film making.

You want to make a horror film, but you are not sure what to do next? At my film school, I do not try to control your creativity. You can try to write and film anything you wish to film.

In this distance education class, I am going to help you understand which type of horror film you can make fast and easy using my free or low cost part-time courses at EducateZap.

Scary Film Ideas

Scary Movie Ideas by Online Film School at EducateZap

In your mind right now, you most likely have some really great horror movie ideas.

The first thing you should do is take a few minutes and write them down in a notebook (or type them into your computer).

  • This is going to be your Movie Making Notebook or File.

You should take 5 – 15 minutes now and just write whatever comes into your mind about your movie.

You should not worry about your spelling and you should not worry yourself about correct grammar or full sentences.

  • Your fast and easy goal is to just get it out of your head and onto paper or into your computer.

All of your horror movie ideas that you just wrote down in your new, movie making notebook may or may not be used when you finally create your first horror movie at my film school online.

  • During the next few minutes, I am going to quickly discuss what is EASY to film and what is NOT EASY to film using my free classes online.

Using my proven step-by-step methods developed inside my movie making academy, it is easy for you to write and film the following…

  • Terror
  • Panic
  • Fright
  • Evil

What about Zombies? Writing and filming ONE zombie…maybe. Two, three, or more zombies…maybe not. Your goal at my film institute is to actually finish your first film. Make-up, fake blood, and clothing for more than one zombie will take lots and lots of time.

  • For your first film… the more characters and special effects you have, the shorter your film should be.

What about Ghosts and Vampires? These two types of horror film ideas should require a little bit less make-up, special effects, and less special clothing than Zombie ideas.

  • For your first movie… if you have only one character in your motion picture, it is easier to make a movie with a longer running time than if you have three or more characters.

You decide how many characters for your horror picture. My suggestion to you: Try to have only one character and a running time of 30 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute.

Horror Movie Ideas Summary

You should not be angry or feel sad that you may not be able to film the perfect horror movie that you had inside your head.

The goal of this part-time course and the combination of all of my other film school classes is to help make your horror movie ideas into a successful first film.

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