How About To Have A Page Here For People To Share Their Film Script Ideas And Use Each Others Intelligence?

by Allen

Hello Mr. Wright, good day to you. As I told you, I started to write my film script and it's 32 pages for now. Certainly I was thinking about sharing my ideas with people who think the same as me and have the same ideas like me.

You know this way we can make our ideas better and bigger. I think here in EducateZap it's the best place to do so.

Like every other pages for education and learning, I was thinking about a page to share my ideas with others.

We can use each other's experiences in writing and so on. I have a lot of ideas and I don't mind to share them. I hope other people here would be ok with it too.


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by: Anonymous

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Sharing filmmaking ideas could be a good method
by: Allen

I'm looking forward to share my film script ideas and filmmaking ideas here. Actually I've got most of my ideas by sharing them with others. I do really like to know how do other film students and EducateZap visitors think about my ideas. Thank you a lot Mr. Wright. I keep going forward.

Sharing Your Film Script Ideas With Other Film School Students at
by: Mr. Wright

Hi Allen,

Congratulations on writing the first 32 pages of your film script...that is a very big accomplishment. Great job...keep up your excellent screenwriting work!

Yes, you can share your ideas with other film school students. The choice is yours.

The best place to post your screenwriting ideas for other student to see is at the bottom of each of my online classes.

You can just type-in the film script information or you can upload a photo of each film script page.

If you are going to upload a photo of your screenplay pages or type-in your film script info, please be sure to add the following to the bottom of each screenplay page:

"Copyright 2014-2015 by YourFirstName YourLastName"

Here are the links to your online classrooms...

1. Top Film School - Part 1

2. Top Film School - Part 2

3. Ghetto Film School - Part 3

4. 10 Minute Film School

After you click the links above, simply scroll to the bottom of each page.

You will see a section called, "Do You Have a Question about This Course?" This is the best place to add or upload your ideas and your film script samples, ideas, questions, and comments.

Keep working towards your dreams,
Mr. Wright

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