informations about a film script, scene headers & etc

by Allen

Hi Mr. Wright good day to you.

I have some questions about the scene headers like EXT. Or INT.

But at the moment I'm working on my next film script too besides looking for a buyer, well ya know I can never stop writing, and I wanna know what should I use instead of EXT. Or INT.

Question: In the different scenes. Like what should I use while the scene takes place inside a moving object or vehicle like a car?

Answer: You can use INT.

Question: Or, what should I use when the character remembers the past and the scene goes on a flash back?

Answer: There are a few different ways, but you can use this way...



Question: And the same questions for, when is a fighting scene between two or more characters using martial arts?

Answer: Fight scenes are just like any other scenes. Simply describe what you see. Keep it as short as possible.

Now for some more questions, I asked you once if I should write the emotional scenes and how my characters feel in each scene but you said it's not necessary and it's on the actor/actress.

Question: But it's very important to me, so how should I describe it? Is it simply just like how I describe their actions during the scene or it has to be something special describing their feeling in the scene?

Answer: The "official" way is to "not" describe emotions. The "old" way to do it was to use (parenthesis) to describe the emotion. You can use (parenthesis).

Question: And one more question, is it necessary to describe how many characters are going to play at the beginning of each scene or not?

Answer: No.

Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to your answers.

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So it's beyond my decision
by: Allen

That was going to keep me worried and my mind busy. Thank you

by: Allen

Thank you very much, those answers are gonna be very helpful.

And for one more question...

Question: To describe my characters look and style, should I do it during the scenes or it has to be separated from the main script, in another method?

Answer: A detailed description of characters look and style is not necessary (inside the screenplay) unless it is needed to move the story forward.

Example: If your character gets into a car wearing a blue jacket, it really does not matter if that character is wearing a black jacket.

Your story moves forward and the jacket color does NOT influence the story.

Look and style are decided during pre-production. Depending upon how your film gets may or may not have the final say on look and style.

Every film production is different.

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