Interview with James Barnett from Personal Injury Solicitors of Leicester

by Mr. Wright at

Online Education Articles: Winning Interview Series

Online Education Articles: Winning Interview Series

1-Tell us a bit about yourself and your job.

I am the online marketing manager for Personal Injury Solicitors of Leicester. I’ve been in the role for just over a year, and prior to that ran my own small consultancy business. I am responsible for generating new business and clients online, our new website, and social media accounts. It’s an interesting job, and keeps me very busy. Outside of work I am a keen runner and football fan.

2-How would you describe your business in under 100 words?

We are a firm of no win no fee solicitors (that’s lawyers for American readers) who help people who have been involved in accidents. We represent our clients so that they can get the very best medical attention, support, and ultimately financial compensation for their personal injury case.

3-How are you different from your competition?

I think it all boils down to customer service. All of our personal injury solicitors and lawyers are extremely friendly, and for want of a better expression are “human”. Many people working in the legal field don’t have the personal touch, but our team are recruited not just for their expert knowledge of the law, but also for their personality. I think that really shows itself when people first call us asking for advice.

/b>4-Where do you think you are making an impact in the business?

Numbers. It’s all down to numbers. Over the last 12 months I’ve helped to increase our web enquiries into the Leicester website by just over 50% and also increase the phone calls. It’s important as the industry of personal injury and accident claims advice is quite a fierce one. We want to be the best no win no fee solicitors around and I believe I am helping to make that happen online.

5-What is your major focus area and why?

Entirely and 100% the web. Lawyers and solicitors are traditionally not entirely in-tune with what the online world has to offer. We have adopted multiple web strategies designed to put us one step ahead of our competition and that really seems to be working for us right now.

6-What has been your motivation to achieve or succeed in your career?

My family. I have a young son, and for me I want to make sure that he is secure, safe, and we are financially sound. It really is that simple for me. That pushes me on constantly every day that I see him.

7-Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

We have plans to take Personal Injury Solicitors Leicester on a national United Kingdom basis so if we can pull that off I would hope to be managing a team of online marketing staff who are doing what I do now – but on a far larger scale!

8-What tips would you give to someone who is looking to work as an assistant in your business?

Great question! I don’t like to recruit people who are experts at online marketing, as crazy as that sounds. This is because they will come to the business with pre-existing habits. I want someone who is willing to learn about the world of personal injury marketing who simply has a will and hunger to succeed.

9-What is your simple secret to success in the work world?

Just to work harder than everyone else. My ethos is that there might be someone better than me at doing particular tasks, but I work much harder than the next person will ever do, and that’s why I think I get good results.

10-What is the hardest part about maintaining success in your job?

Being completely up to date with what’s happening with new online media opportunities. Whether that’s Google, social media advertising, or anything else. If we want to keep pushing the business and getting more clients into our no win no fee lawyers then we need to be totally on top of any new online opportunities.

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