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Marc Heighway

Marc Heighway

1-Tell us a bit about yourself and your job.

I run an online marketing business called FIMA Digital. I’ve been involved in the Internet since late 1999 and early 2000, and have served hundreds of clients in that time. I currently live on the south coast of the United Kingdom in an area called the New Forest. Father of one, keen runner, and season ticket holder at Southampton FC.

2-How would you describe your business in under 100 words?

We are an online performance marketing agency. It simple terms we make our clients phone ring more or get more business to their door via online marketing strategies.

This typically involves developing their websites in order to maximize online traffic opportunities, so that could be via SEO, affiliate marketing, paid search, lead generation, and other available online advertising channels.

3-How are you different from your competition?

We specialize in particular industries rather than being a one-size fits all online marketing agency. One particular industry we work in is the legal industry, and the micro-niche of personal injury claims. We find that as a business it’s far easier to promote ourselves as an expert in one industry rather than serving multiple types.

It makes our job easier as we specialize, but also means that our clients get a service that’s tailored to their industry. We understand the market for our clients, know what their customers want or are looking for, and therefore can provide an excellent service.

4-Where do you think you are making an impact in the business?

In the main it’s with the strategic thinking and the client relations. It’s very important to let your staff have a reasonable level of freedom to do the things that they are good at. So I let them crack on with their core tasks whilst I take care of the more operational aspects.

5-What is your major focus area and why?

As mentioned a couple of questions ago, we are focusing very tightly on the personal injury industry. We are helping law firms around the UK generate millions of pounds with our inbound marketing strategies.

We are positioning ourselves currently as the number one marketing agency for the online generation of personal injury leads (also known as PI leads – would be grateful if you could link to our website page about personal injury leads for sale here for any readers who are more interested).

We develop some bespoke plans for our clients which have the ultimate aim of bringing more customers to their door. That might involve helping them develop their websites and content to help in the search engines, or a social media strategy, or by partnering with our lead generation companies to increase phone calls in.

We’ve been working in this field for a couple of years now and I honestly believe we are the best at what we do. Many companies now use us for personal injury leads, both for sale, and in terms of sending those straight to their business.

6-What has been your motivation to achieve or succeed in your career?

A fear of failure.

7-Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Honestly, I have no idea. That’s what makes life exciting.

8-What tips would you give to someone who is looking to work as an employee in your business?

As a general rule, I prefer to work with people who haven’t done online marketing before. I find that those who do, will often have a pre-conceived idea of what they need to do. I would rather employee people with an aptitude to work, creativity, and imagination, and then internally train them up on what we do and how we work.

9-What is your simple secret to success in the work world?

I don’t have any one secret to success. However, there are some aspects and tips that I have learned along the way, and tried to maintain in my own working life. Here’s a quick selection of bullet points which I hope you or the readers find useful.

  • Work harder than your competition

  • Surround yourself with successful people

  • Always keep learning and reading

  • Positive mindset and visualization of your goals

10-What is the hardest part about maintaining success in your job?

The main challenge is always being one step ahead. Anything online is open to duplication because it’s possible to track marketing efforts. Because of that, anybody can copy a lot of what you do. So the key is to really keep learning, keep testing, and keep an eye out for what the latest developments are.

Thank you for this opportunity for an interview. If any of your readers want to get in touch then the best places to do that is my LinkedIn profile, or my corporate website for FIMA Digital. Those links are below:

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