Movie Idea II
Part 2-C

Welcome to Part 2-C.

This is your free or low cost way to turn your story concept into a real, Hollywood motion picture.

This is the #1 online film school for learning the basics of creating your movie concept.

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 2-A or Part 2-B, please click and get your fast and easy introduction to creating entertaining film ideas.

Your entry into the world of film making continues below...

21. Producers Looking For Movie Ideas

Where can you find film producers or TV producers looking for film ideas? This e-learning course helps you after you have finished one very important part of the film making process. Find out one of the most important things a film producer needs to see when looking for film ideas. Click here…

22. Selling Movie Ideas

Are you interested in setting up a business where you sell many different film ideas? I discuss how to set-up a one-person operation for selling your film ideas. Learn more here…

Hey! Do You Have A Real Life Story?

What is your story? Click here to add stories from your life to some interesting online classrooms.

23. I Have An Idea For A Movie (opens in a new window)

This section leads you to an article that reviews my screenplay services. Some students have found my article when they searched for the following…

  • I have an idea for a movie
  • How to submit film ideas
  • Have an idea for a movie
  • Submit film ideas
  • How to submit a film idea

If you are a film student at my online film school, this article is not really for you because it is a screenwriting service that costs money.

You can read the article for informational purposes only, but your focus should be on the free or low cost areas of my online education school. I listed this article because other students found it online and asked a few questions about the article.


In summary, all of my part-time course information in Film Ideas I and Film Ideas II gives you a beginner’s look at story ideas for your first film project.

  • The best thing to do next is to go back and quickly review Part 2-A, Part 2-B, and Movie Idea 2-C - Part 2-C again.

After you finish taking a second or third look, it should be very easy for you to make a strong decision on what to pick as your first story idea for your distance education courses at my film school online.

Thanks again for being an excellent student. I am looking forward to seeing you in my other online classes free!

Thanks for discovering my cyber academy!

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