Movie Idea II
Part 2-A

This is your free or low cost class for turning your movie idea into a real, Hollywood-style motion picture.

This is Part 2-A and it is the #1 online film school for learning the basics of creating film ideas.

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What If You Do Not Have Any Of Your Own Film Ideas?

This section of my film school online will also help you if you do not have any of your own ideas for a new movie. You do not need your own motion picture idea to succeed at my film institute online. The idea sections below (and in Part 1-A) will help you create and pick your first great film idea.

In some of the idea sections below, I will also talk about exactly who buys film ideas, how to sell film ideas, and how to go about submitting your story idea to my film institute.

It is time for you to keep moving forward. Please read each of the following idea sections. If you should have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the Comments box at the end of this page.

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Film Idea by Laptop along the River

Creating a Film Idea by Laptop along the Potomac River

"in online film school, creating a story idea with laptop at potomac river"

Potomac River Tidal Basin & Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Washington, D.C.

Story Ideas Section
( continued from Film Ideas I )

11. Silent Movie Ideas

Are you interested in creating a silent film? The creators of films without words are unbelievable artists and film makers. You can learn how to do the same! Find out how to turn your film idea into a silent movie here…

12. Who Buys Movie Ideas

Are you interested in making money by selling your film ideas? Want to sell your screenplay or just your screenplay idea? You must have this very important information about how to find people to buy your film ideas. Please be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

13. Horror Movie Ideas

Horror film ideas are great concepts to use for your first film at my online academy. I discuss ghost stories, vampire, and zombie films as your first film project. If you are thinking about horror, you can find important film production information related to horror film ideas by clicking here

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