Movie Ideas I
Part 1-B

Welcome back to Movie Ideas Part 1-B course.

This is your low cost or free way to turn your film concepts into moving picture shows.

Get what you want out of life with online education and classes in film making.

Your Review?

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 1-A, please visit and read from the beginning. If you have already learned Part 1-A and Part 1-B, you can skip to the final section Part 1-C.

Keep going and never, ever give up...your learning continues below...

The goal of my film institute is to help you make your first film, fast and easy. My focus is to provide you with all of the supporting details so you can actually produce your film…not just turn your film idea into a Hollywood-style script in the correct screenplay format.

If you do not have film ideas for your own film, do not worry. Please take a look at the following idea sections on this page and in Part 2. All of the idea sections on both pages will help you decide on an interesting story idea that you can turn into your first great film.

1. Movie Making Idea

Time? Film Running Time? How long should your first film many script pages? The time length of your first film plays an important part in the success or failure of your first film making idea. To find out how long your first movie should be, visit this online classroom…

2. An Idea For A Movie

Characters and Crew? How many actors, actresses, and extras? The total number of your cast and crew plays an important role in the success or failure of your first idea for a film. Inside my online film school, you learn how your story idea can increase or decrease the total number of your cast and crew, check this out…

3. Pitch A Movie Idea - Part 1 and Part 2

Here is one of the best ways to pick your one best film idea when you are undecided about which story you should make into a film? Not sure which of your film ideas you should use, but you have narrowed it down to three or four story ideas? You can learn how to pitch a film idea and how it can help you make great decisions, take a look here now…

4. Halloween Movie Ideas

Halloween? Many movies are planned for this time of the year. If you are having a hard time creating your first story idea at my film school online, my Halloween film ideas class can help you create such an interesting story so good that it’s scary! You should not miss this easy online class. Click here...

5. Great Movie Idea

Film Locations? Where should you film your first movie? How many different places or locations should you use? You should know the answers to these questions, because these answers will help you decide if you have a great film idea for the first movie you will make. Learn more here…

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You have reached the end of Movie Ideas 1-B - Part 1-B.

Thanks for attending this distance education class.

To follow and learn more from your online classes free, please join me inside Part 1-C by clicking here...

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