Movie Ideas I
Part 1-C

Welcome to Part 1-C of Movie Ideas I.

This is your low cost or free way to turn your film ideas into a real motion picture.

Get what you want out of life... by attending and finishing my online film school... and my other online classes free.

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 1-A or Part 1-B, please click and get your fast and easy educational introduction to creating ideas that shine on the silver screen (movie theater screen).

Your film making journey continues below...

6. Ideas For Movie

Love stories? Romance won and romance lost are great ideas for your first film at my school. Here you can easily discover the best places to find the perfect story of winning or losing that special, significant other. You are going to love this, explore more here…

7. Movie Script Idea

Hey! Do You Have A Story?

What is your story? Click here to add stories from your life to some interesting online classrooms.

Do you like drama in your life? What types of drama do you see in your everyday life? Do you see drama queens and drama kings at your school or where you live? These stories and situations can be your first great film script idea. You can find out more details here…

8. Dress Fancy Idea Movie

Are you into fashion and designer clothes? If so, what about a dress fancy story for your first great motion picture idea? This could be a great idea for you and your actors/actresses. Maybe you have friends or relatives that already dress like fashion models…put them in your film! You can find out how to use this as your idea to make your first film. Check it out here…

9. Movie Plot Ideas

What is film plot and why is it so important for your film? I discuss film plot ideas for your new movie that will help make your film more interesting and exciting. Take a look here, you should add this to your film plot…

10. Contest Movie Ideas

Here is your chance to enter your film into your first contest. If you are one of the first 15 film students to complete your film using the information from at least one, part-time course at’s Online Film School, your film will have its own page on Discover more details here…


In summary, please be sure to review all three online classes of Part 1 of Film Ideas.

All of the movie concept suggestions inside this page Movie Ideas 1-C - Part 1-C, Part 1-B page, and Part 1-A page will help you produce an amazing film, fast and easy without any trouble.

Your Next Educational Step?

Now that you have finished all three online courses of Part 1 your next step is to move forward and begin your free classes in Part 2.

You are studying hard! Great!!

Thanks for visiting and learning…I am looking forward to seeing you in my other online classrooms.

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