Movie Making Idea


Take a closer look by using your Movie Making Idea online class.

This part-time course explores exactly why the number of pages of your first screenplay is the cause of success or failure of your first film production.

You are currently writing or you will be writing your first screenplay (film script) by following the online education inside my film school.

"One of the biggest decisions you have to make is…."

  • How long should your first film script be? (final running time? number of screenplay pages?)

Making a movie for the first time is a great experience. The best way to get the most from my film school online is to focus on the length of you movie.

Most of the time it is easier to make a short film and it is more time-consuming to make a film with a running time of one hour and fifty minutes (110 minutes at 110 pages).

A Widely Accepted Film Making Rule

As you are writing and re-writing your screenplay based on your movie ideas, you will begin to create page after page after page. Soon you will have several pages.

Here is how you estimate your final on-screen running time. This film making rule is not 100% perfect, but it does give you a very good estimate.

1 Page of Film Script
1 Hour of Film Production Shooting Time
1 Minute of On-Screen Running Time

Film Running Time Example

After you finish writing your screenplay, count how many pages you have. If you use screenwriting software, the pages are automatically counted for you.

If the final page count of your first movie script is a total of 3 pages, it should take you an estimated 3 hours to actually shoot (film) your 3 page screenplay during your actual film production (with your cast and crew working for free).

Continuing with this same example, your 3 page film script should equal around 3 minutes of edited (finished) on-screen footage.

Your First Movie Making Idea

Will you be successful at transforming your plans into a completely finished motion picture? Yes, you can be very successful if you follow my online film school’s step-by-step training.

In my opinion, you should write and film a ONE page movie script or a HALF page movie script. If you keep your page count to a half page or 1 – 2 pages, you will have an easier time getting your film idea produced into a movie.

  • If you are writing your screenplay and you have more than 8 – 9 pages, the choice is yours about what to do next.
  • You can cut-out some scenes until you have 1 – 2 pages or you can stick with your original page count. It is up to you.
  • Remember… everyone is working for free. No one works for free forever!
  • If you are not sure what you should do next, please feel free to ask your question at the end of this part-time course.


You have reached the end of your Movie Making Idea distance course.

Yes, you can do this.

You can succeed with free or low cost online education.

I am looking forward to seeing you in many more of my online classrooms.

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