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Here are Your Classrooms for Screenwriting, Screenplays, Film Scripts, and Movie Scripts

Each of the links below will take you to my cyber classrooms where you have a big chance to contribute, join the conversation, and learn by questioning!

Introduction to Screenwriting Classroom

  • Ask your questions about writing your first screenplay. What is a film script? Which screenwriting software should you use? How to write your title page?

Writing Your 'Page One'

  • Want to investigate with real, film footage and ask specific details? Ask here to gain a better understanding of the difference between a shooting script and a screenplay.

Low Budget Film Making Classroom

  • Ask about and examine tips and techniques for writing and filming independent movies with little or no money.
  • Got a film shoot problem and need to brainstorm a low cost solution? This is the place to post about it!

Filming in Affordable Locations

  • Here is your 'Q and A' about writing your screenplay with pre-selected locations in mind. Ask more about 'using what you already have available'.

Scene Heading Classroom

  • Inquire about why scene headings are so important to your film script. What are the definitions of INT., EXT., and INT. / EXT. ?

Screenplay Title Card Study Hall

  • Do you have a query about how and when to use title cards in a film script? Ask and learn in this online study hall.

Scene Actions Discussion

  • Inquire more deeply and learn how to write the best possible scene actions in your first screenplay.

The Details Inside Scene Actions

  • Do you have questions about how much scene detail or how little scene detail should be used when writing your scene action? Should your scene actions describe every tiny detail?

Selecting Your Filming Locations

  • Should you investigate many different locations? Ask and learn the best way to decide upon the best film shoot locations for your first screenplay and movie shoot.

Order and Timing Classroom

  • Ask and examine situations where the order and timing of scene actions and scene dialogue make a very big difference. Should you make big changes during your film shoot?

Writing Character Emotions

  • Do you have questions about the best way to write your character's emotions? "Saying something" and "Showing something" are two very different things. Ask and get better educated about this part of screenwriting.


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