Online Education 2
Part 2

Welcome back to your Online Education introduction course.

This is Part 2 of my style of free online distance education.

If you have not started at the beginning of this educational discussion, please visit and read Part 1 first.

Here is Part 2...

I will be educating you online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience. You can get educated whenever you want and anywhere you want. You can use your computer, your laptop, your smart phone, your smart TV, or your tablet in an effort to develop your knowledge. No expensive books necessary!

Information technology has advanced dramatically in the areas of cost, speed, and multiple access points. You can't get lost inside a classroom full of students at my school.

  • My cyber classrooms are like online learning conferences.

Online learning, better known as e-learning, is like a one-on-one conference with a great professor whenever your want. This is your opportunity for tutoring with career direction and career preparation that you can reach by computer without leaving the comfort of your living room sofa.

Distance learning is the future and it can reach you almost anywhere in the world. You only need an internet connection to enroll and get started.

  • This is your low cost or free ride to take advantage of free classes online.

Every few weeks, I will be adding new part-time courses, online distance education courses, adult education, news, articles, and career research...all just for you.

Higher Education Network

My educational network of courses, classes, and training are either free of cost or low-priced. My online education community specializes in delivering higher education in the exciting and creative areas of art, film/movies, film-making, and real estate.

  • This is one of the best online higher education networks and it is all just for you.

Instruction Available by Computer Saves Money

When I think about educating by computer and how it helps you save money, it reminds me of a student named John and his parents. John and his family were always a mystery to me because they each had a different way to speak and each of them had different types of accents.

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John's way to talk sounded like he had a Boston accent. Sometimes his mother spoke like a New Yorker.  Most of the time his dad acted and spoke like he was a cowboy from Texas. The only thing his dad was missing was a big cowboy hat. John and his parents were always a big and interesting mystery to me.

When I first met John and his parents, John's dad reminded me of a German Shepard a nice way. It was not that John's dad looked like a German Shepard, but that John's dad had the personality and coolness of a German Shepard guard-dog.

  • Whenever John and his parents talked about money, it was only about saving money.
  • "This family's situation would improve greatly with free or low cost online education."

I am not sure if they had thousands of dollars hidden away or if they were very careful with their money because they did not have much money.

One day John saw an advertisement in a magazine for an expensive camera. The camera was expensive because it was capable of taking pictures of ghosts.

Yes, you are correct. I did not believe such a camera existed. (this story continues on the next page)


You have reached the end of your Part 2 - Online Education 2 course.

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