Online Education
Part 3

Welcome back to your online education courses introduction!

This is Part 3 and the final section of my educational article.

If you have not started at the beginning, please visit and read Part 1.

In Part 2, I was nearing the end of a story about a student named John and his family. Part 3 and their story continues here...

Your Educational Story
( continued from Part 2 )

John saw that camera, he wanted it, and John's parents told him he would have to work for it. John knew that he needed a better job and more money because that unique camera was expensive.

John's parents told him he could get paid more money if he developed his knowledge and learned something new. This inspired his desire for improvement. John needed to get educated fast. He began his search for a school. Yes, you guessed correct again...

  • John and his parents were not going to spend a lot of money going to school.
  • They went to several local colleges and universities and were met with the high cost of education.

John and his parents refused to pay those super high prices for tuition, room and board, and books. John's dad just looked at each of those admissions counselors with his German Shepard guard-dog stare.

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I am sure those admissions counselors were not sure if John's dad was going to bark or bite, but they were 100% sure John and his parents were not going to pay or take out student loans. I wish I could have seen the look on everyone's face. It must have been so funny!

John continued with his search on the web and finally discovered that electronically connected learning, studying, tutoring, and coaching were all becoming more accepted and very popular. He was so excited because his persistence and determination were rewarded.

  • John found what he was looking classes online with unrestricted and unlimited access.
  • John could get educated by computer at a bargain and cut-rate price.
  • John had found his free education ride!

I wish I could have seen the smile on their faces when John and his parents discovered John could learn for free! Wow! Nice! Is it possible for a German Shepard guard-dog to smile?!

ZAP! from™

At, my net-based online education is cheap with no strings attached. When I say cheap, I do not mean low quality.

My online education is of high quality and it contains nothing less than the best. Each education course online is of superior quality.

  • Each course online is always, constantly fine-tuned, changed, and updated based on your feedback and success in the real world.

When I say cheap, it really means that you will not need a student loan to pay the costs to enroll at my school. After you complete your part-time courses or online distance education courses at, you will not have any student loans to pay back.

If you attend other schools and have student loans to pay back, I call that educating yourself with strings attached. It's not a bad thing. It depends what you are studying.

  • Yes, sometimes student loans are the only option for some fields of study at other schools.
  • Not at my online institute! No way!


You have just received your first, online education lesson or ZAP!

Instead of lesson.... I say, "ZAP!"

Your first ZAP! from™... Low cost or free online education is available and it can save you money.

I hope you enjoyed this online article. Thanks for reading Online Education 3 - Part 3.

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