Online Education
and EducateZap Review
Part 3

Welcome back to your Online Education and EducateZap Review cyber classroom!

This is Part 3.

If you have not read Part 2 or Part 1, please click and start from the beginning of these free classes online.

This page is part three of my response to a visitor's review of education at my free or low cost academy:

"An excellent internet education start. Here is my Review. The costs and free classes online offered..."

The world can be yours...continue to learn more and more...
( continued from Part 2 )

Kevin's Answer (continued): The stories are not part of the distance courses, but they are all very important. They are part of a bigger educational experience.

  • The stories are optional.

The stories are an entertaining break from online classroom activities. The stories help to explain that education is a journey…an interesting trip through life.

World Wide Web Education for people all over the globe

  • My distant learning school is for people all over the globe.

Everything will always be in English. I try to use words in English that are very easy to understand. If you are from another country and English is your second language, it should be easy to view my web site in another language.

  • If you should have any trouble, just send your question using help.

My film school online is for people all over the globe. My online real estate school is only for people in the United States.

Age Group and Students

My online school is for people. My part-time courses were not created for any age group. You can be 103 years old or 14 years old with help from your parent.

My education is for anyone who wants to take action and learn something new. It is not directed to children under the age of 13.

“My disciples? My pupils? My students?”… As time goes on, you will begin to see students’ voices grow louder. You will see students’ questions. You will see my online classrooms in action.

You will see the final films of my online film students. Please feel free to come back at your convenience and explore my online campus.

Continue exploring your educational opportunities...

You have reached the end of my response to your Online Education and EducateZap Review 3 - Part 3 course.

Thank you very much for adding your Review.

Your time and consideration are both greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to serving any free educational needs you may have in the future. Keep in touch!

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