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This is a great online education initiative. Here is my Review.

The fees structure and course offered is not clearly mentioned. You could include some video so that it might boost the enthusiasm of the visitor.

Always remember videos play a vital role. You are saying just education, but it is not clear from a lay man's perspective.

You could have cut loose on some of the stories and included some sample study material. Is only for people in North America or people all over the globe?

If your online education is for people all over the globe, then you definitely have to modify a lot of content so it suits all.

You have never mentioned the age group of people who can attend your online school. If you add at least 3 or more contacts of your disciples, I am damn sure that's a crowd puller. Good luck :):):)

Kevin's Answer:

Thanks for sending your EducateZap Review. Please take a few moments and follow below as I cover each of the areas you mentioned in your review.

Cost, Tuition, and Courses Offered

The cost of my online education is either free or low cost. There is no tuition. Because there is no tuition charge and no enrollment fee, my online school is free.

Why do I say my online training is low cost? You can only reach my school by using the internet. If you have free access to the internet, then you can take part-time courses at my school for free.

If you have to pay for internet access, that is a cost for you. Access to the internet is normally low cost.

That is why I say free or low cost…it depends on your access to the internet. (this section continues on the next page)

To learn more, please continue...

You have reached the end of the first part of my answer. To continue reading more parts of my response to these questions, please click to visit Part 2...

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