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Part 2

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This is Part 2.

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This page is part two of my response to a visitor's questions about education at my school:

"Will your cyber education school offer part-time courses in Math? Won't the lack of the latest problems in Maths affect me?"

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Kevin's Answer (continued): For example… If you learned bookkeeping, accounting, or finance from any school, these advanced skills could possibly lead you into an office position in a different department (depending upon the size of the food market and the number of locations).

What if you are a full-time cashier at a food market and you only have an opportunity to learn algebra. Should you take the opportunity to only learn algebra knowing that it is not directly related to your job as a cashier?

  • Yes, I would learn algebra.

The answer is easy for me. Choice #1 is “learn something new”. Choice #2 is “do nothing and do not change anything”.

  • Learning something new always has a way of helping you in the future.

Life is about taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. We all wish to have exactly what we want when we want it, but life does not always work the way we want it.

  • There will always be opportunities and choices presented to you.

Challenges are those things that look big and ugly in the beginning, but when you look at little bit closer you soon discover it is really a beautiful opportunity.

It is up to you to decide if you should take a chance and try something new. If you have an opportunity to learn more math at a traditional college or university, yes it would be a very smart decision to go and learn more math.

  • The more math you learn the more valuable you will become and the more qualified you will be for higher paying positions in the future.

I created my online school for anyone looking for an opportunity to learn something new. I created my online school for people that do not have many choices or opportunities. I created my school because going to college is very, very expensive and you may not have the money to go to a traditional college or university.

Never, ever give up...always learn something new...

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