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Will your online education school offer part-time courses in Math? Won't the lack of the latest problems in Maths affect me?

Kevin's Answer: During the next 6 – 9 months, I do not plan on offering any online courses in math. In the future, I would consider offering basic math classes, but that decision will be based on requests from current and future web site visitors and students.

The online classes I offer will contain very little math. For the first 3 - 18 months, my online school will focus on movie making (film making), art, and real estate. In these part-time courses, you will only see some very, very basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Math and Your Future

Will you need more advanced skills in math for success in life? It really depends on the type of job you wish to have in the future. If you really enjoy math, it is a great idea to find ways to learn algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, and finance.

One of the most interesting free places I have seen to learn math is the Khan Academy (opens in a new window). There are lots of free video classes and the subjects are easy to follow. The best way to use their web site is to find and use the Search Box. Simply type-in the kind of math class you want and then click the little magnifying glass image.

Benefit of Additional Education

You will benefit from almost any additional education, but the additional education will help you more if it is related to your job and it helps you do your job better.

For example… If you are a full-time cashier at a food market, will basic math help you? Yes.

What if you learned algebra? Will algebra help you in your job as a cashier? Probably not, but other areas of math my lead you to a better position. (this section continues on the next page)

Your education continues...keep going...

You have reached the end of the first half of my answer. To continue reading the second half of my response to these questions, please click to visit Part 2.

Part 1 - Part 2

Thanks for exploring Your #1 place for web education. Your time and consideration are both greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to seeing you in my future distance education courses. Click here to enroll and register.

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Online Education
by: Ruby Stokes

Schooling performs a principal role in progress of a nation. There are lots of scholars in all nations who cannot proceed their education either due to their job or lack of availability of institution schooling in their subject.

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