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Welcome back to my Online Education Blog.

This is Part 2 of how to upgrade your life by learning from my internet school journal.

My low cost or free diary is one of the best places to get educated about new careers and online classes free.

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If you have not started at the beginning, please visit and read Part 1 first. In Part 1, I ended my educational discussion in the middle of Natalia's story.

Her educational journey continues here with Part 2...
please follow below...

Part 2 - Natalia didn't want to be a fortune teller. She wanted a more normal job. A creative career, an artistic career, maybe a fashion designer or something like that.

Natalia's grandmother was so aggressive.

  • It didn't give Natalia a chance to think about a different career path.

So, Natalia tried many different ways to remind herself to stay focused and look for different ways to go back to school. Natalia had an idea.

When Natalia was little, she had a talking doll. This talking doll spoke whenever you picked it up or touched it. Natalia remembered that she still had that talking doll in her bedroom.

Natalia's idea was to pick up or touch that talking doll at least once or twice every day and make it talk. When her talking doll spoke, it would remind her to get focused on going back to school.

After several days of following her new plan, Natalia noticed it was not the best idea. It worked a little bit, but it was kind of silly.

Sometimes Natalia would forget to actually touch the talking doll and then it would not talk. When this happened, she would not remember to get focused on her education.

Natalia had to find a better way. One day she found a better way!

  • During her search for schools and online education, Natalia discovered an e-learning blog.

She investigated the blog and found some great things about it. Natalia learned that she could subscribe to the online education blog.

Whenever new information, classes, courses, and training were added to the web site, she would be alerted automatically.

Wow she thought! Natalia was so happy and excited. She subscribed to the web log. Natalia received important alerts about...

  • online education
  • new part-time classes
  • free classes online
  • distance education courses

Natalia's grandmother continued her quest to convert Natalia into a fortune teller and mind reader. Natalia loved her grandmother with all of her heart, but Natalia had her own dreams.

  • What is my ZAP! from™ ?
  • With the help of a simple, online education blog, Natalia easily maintained her focus on getting an education.
  • The constant alerts and updates from the blog were signs that someone was on her side cheering her on to educational victory!

You have reached the end of Online Education Blog 2 - Part 2.

Thanks for spending your valuable time and learning more about how my academy can help you make very interesting career choices.

I am looking forward to seeing you in my other online classrooms.

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