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Part 2

Welcome back to your Online Education Help discussion. This is Part 2. This web academy works for you until you learn for free successfully.

This institute trains you to never stop asking questions until your life improves.

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 1, please review the educational material from the beginning so you start with a strong understanding.

  • If you are up-to-date with learning all about your first help section, please continue with Part 2 below...

Continued from Part 1

Since she was a little girl, Helen wanted to be a fashion designer. After graduating from high school, Helen did not go to college.

By day, Helen worked long but rewarding hours at an animal shelter. If an animal was in danger, Helen was always there to save the day. At night, Helen only thought about taking night classes at a community college.

One day, Helen's longtime hair stylist was forced to move back to Italy because of a serious family emergency. Without thinking, Helen picked a new hair stylist at random. Yes, without thinking!

  • I can relate to that...can you? For some reason, we all do something every now and then without thinking. The key to help us with this tiny, little issue is to ask a few questions every once in a while. Back to the story...

As you can imagine, the new hair stylist gave Helen the worst haircut she had ever received in her entire life. Helen wanted to crawl into a deep hole and hide from the world. Or, better yet she wished that the hair stylist would go find a rock to hide under and stay out of the hair-cutting business forever.

Helen really wanted to find a great hair stylist, but she was always very independent and super smart. In other words, Helen never asked anyone for any help or any advice.

After the bad hair cut incident, it started to look like Helen's way of living life "by not asking questions" was beginning to catch up to her. Helen never noticed that her carefree (no worries...nothing is a problem) way of living life could possibly cause her problems.

  • If Helen had simply asked that new hair stylist at least a few questions, Helen would have never had to experience the world's worst hair cut.

Helen's hair cut was so bad it was going to take a longtime to grow back and fix itself. She refused to be seen in public.

While Helen was hiding from the world, she decided to take a few online classes. It was a great idea because no one would ever see her or her bad hair cut.

As Helen visited the online campus, she came across an interesting area called online education help. It explained that success is created by asking questions and getting answers.

Wow! That was something very new to Helen...

  • Ask questions. Get answers. Very simple.
  • She could quickly and easily ask lots and lots of questions using the online education help. (this section continues on the next page)

Your search for more knowledge continues...

You have reached the end of Online Education Help 2 - Part 2.

Thanks for attending this distance class about assistance.

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