Online Education Help
Part 3

Hello again and welcome back to your Online Education Help class.

This is Part 3. This cyber academy gives you the best support by providing you with a low cost higher education network.

You can ask your questions, grab information about distance classes, and transform your world for the better.

If you have not reviewed or completed Part 2 or Part 1, please visit and read the educational information from the classroom sections you may have missed.

  • If you are up-to-date with learning all about your first two help sections, please continue with Part 3 below...

Continued from Part 2

Technology enhanced learning is better than sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture, and raising a hand to ask a question.

Helen read the questions and answers others before her had posted. She started to understand that learning through the experience of others was both exciting and interesting.

Helen asked so many questions and received lots of answers. She started to learn lots of new stuff. Amazing. It was great. Until....

Helen had asked a few questions, but did not really understand the answers. So, she stopped asking questions. She did not want to ask more questions about the same thing because she felt dumb.

Helen thought that if she asked, "I don't understand your answer...could you explain it a different way?"...the online education teacher would think she was stupid or something like that.

  • In my opinion in the real world, there are no dumb questions.
  • There are no stupid questions. That is why I created this school and this online education help classroom.
  • I really wanted a place where people could learn, ask questions, and succeed without negative roadblocks.
  • We should ask questions and look for ways to make things better and easier.

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So, Helen lost interest in her online education school and found other things to keep her busy. Believe it or not Helen had learned a few things. She used some of her new education and decided to call a few different hair stylists and ask some questions.

Helen called and asked many different hair stylists so many questions. She wanted a detailed explanation about how her bad hair cut could be fixed.

Well...guess what happened?  Helen finally found a new hair stylist. She got her bad hair cut fixed. Unbelievable! She was so happy!

Helen looked amazing with her new hair cut! She was so excited that she totally forgot about her new online education classes.

Helen went back to the way things were before the bad hair cut. She got so much extra attention from her sexy, new hair style that nothing else mattered.

But things started to look truly bad for Helen. A few weeks had passed and she started feeling a little bit down and depressed.

  • We are all very smart. We know when we should be doing something and when we should not be doing something. Yes or no? We just sort of "feel" it and "know" it. There is something magical about learning something new. (this section continues on the next page)

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You have reached the end of Online Education Help 3 - Part 3. Thanks for visiting another one of my free online distance education courses.

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