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Using my laptop to find online education info while sitting under Bethesda Terrace.

"surfing cyber school with laptop while taking a break under Bethesda Terrace"

Lower Passage of Bethesda Terrace
Central Park, New York City, N.Y.

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Everyday my online academy grows bigger and bigger. New online classes and online courses are added. Old information is either deleted or improved to better serve you…the best student in the world.

This education search page can be used to find small details in any of my part-time courses. It can be used to find anything on this site.

Soon more online courses will be added covering the subjects of Film, Art, and Real Estate. The fastest way to find these courses is to use this page at Or, you can always sign-up to get my monthly online education magazine.

If you have not visited my online school in a long time, you may want to do a quick search at my school for something interesting you saw at another school or in the news. (this section continues on the next page)

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